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Feb 22, 2009 07:16 PM

Little D's Eatery

I'm surprised not to see more attention paid to Little D's Eatery on this board. Park Slope's not a great dining neighborhood, and this place strikes me as underappreciated.

My wife and I have eaten there numerous times, we have recommended it to friends, and we have taken several out-of-town guests there. It's a unanimous favorite. Right now it ranks with Al Di La as our favorite place is PS, and every one of our guests who have returned to NYC have asked to go back to LD.

We ate there last night and had an outstanding meal, highlighted by a special of catfish, crawfish, and a chile relleno. Was skeptical of how this would turn out, but I didn't need to be. The food was perfect.

The service is friendly, the decor is pleasant, the food is excellent. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone dining in Park Slope.

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  1. Funny to see this today as I was going to write a review. I went for the first time on Saturday and had a lovely meal. Wife and I split the hens of the woods salad, catfish special and ribs. All were very tasty. The cola braised ribs fell off the bone and weren't too fatty. Served over some rosemary-ed beans with pickled cabbage. Awesome. The catfish special far exceeded my expectations. One of the best pieces of catfish I've had. The relleno had just a touch of heat. Washed all down with a rosemary martini. Whole meal was very reasonably priced and our server was great. We'd go back if we're in the neighborhood.

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      I'm pretty sure Little D'Eatery is closing...unfortunate, but it's been rumored for awhile

      1. re: ginsbera

        I, too, am a Little D fan. I also read somewhere (?) that they were trying to sell. Does anyone have any more information? I will miss them if/when they go.

    2. I'm happy to hear others jumping on the bandwagon - they've been our go-to place since we moved to the neighborhood a couple of years ago. The ingredients all feel picked-that-day fresh, the ribs and pate are exquisite, their wines are perfectly chosen, the service is warm, and it's not even that expensive. Here's hoping someone sees the business they do on weekends and buys the place; it's literally our favorite thing about South Slope.

      1. i like little D, too, but i wish their menu was a little more varied. i've only been twice this winter, and already I was tired of the same choices. the food is always wonderful, however, and the service very good.