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Feb 22, 2009 06:58 PM

Pasteurized Milk for Cheese- PDX

Does anyone know of a source for low-temp pasteurized milk in (or around) Portland? Anything done over 165 degrees is out, and at this time I'm not interested in raw milk. I've had several failed batches of homemade mozzarella-- it tastes good, but not quite the right texture. I've tried Pacific Village (New Season's brand produced by Alpenrose) and Straus and both have yielded a ricotta-like curd.

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  1. Does Noris dairy milk work for you? I think they carry it at Whole Foods (Pearl district at least).

    There is a very detailed discussion of making mozzarella here which might be useful for you:

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      Thanks! It'll give me an excuse to actually get down to the Pearl District!. I hadn't noticed that discussion on

    2. You can also get Noris at new seasons, food front and Peoples coop.

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        Which New Seasons? I don't think I've ever seen Noris Dairy products at either of the NS locations that I go to.