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Feb 22, 2009 06:54 PM

Toni Bulloni - transitions to high end.....

This place used to be my fave go to in Yorkville for very reasonable pasta and pizzas, with portions so large that you could take them home and eat for a few days. The wines were reasonable, the apps were approachable, and the service was always attentive and efficient. Very cool for that part of town, and quite a find for some time.

The price has been creeping up, now to the point where the calamari app is 12$, and pizzas and pastas are starting in that range as well. Wines by the glass begin with abysmal local plonk at 7$, followed by basic shelf wines at 10$ per glass. Okay, 40$ isn't bad for a bottle in Yorkville, but when I compare total bill over the last two years, I'm looking at a significant increase. And when you look at the price of the specials for the evening, they range in the high twenties to low thirties. Good for them if they are getting the trade to justify this, as their service and standards are certainly consistent, but it's no longer the same bargoon for the area, which is unfortunate. Although we were there at an off hour, it was very quiet. When we walked by Manyata, it was full. Greg cuts costs, packs them in. Toni goes high end and slow down.......

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  1. Not sure when you walked by Manyata but they are rarely full (was it a private function maybe?) Cost for many things especially butter eggs and especially flour have risen dramatically over the years and in Yorkvill I am sure so has the rent.. I do not even think you can get calemari that is frozen form a chain restuarant for less then $12 so I would not say those prices are "high end" by any means..

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      The point is that, for those who've frequented this place and enjoyed it, the price is rising significantly. Pastas from 8 to 13 starting points, wines almost doubling in prices by the glass, and focus more concentrated on high end dailies. Yes, service and quality are not diminished. But this used to be the place where you could have a glass of wine and a pasta and walk out with another meal's worth of leftovers.

      Maybe we should congratulate them on hitting the next level and being able to focus on the high end. They certainly deserve the credit, and as I mentioned, the time I was there might not be indicative of market response; but there are those of us who will mourn the accessibility of what it was.

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        My point is Pasta for $13 is LOW end.. Pasta for $24 (linguini at Sassafraz) in Yorkville is highend... Where else south of bloor do you find quality restaurants with pastas under $13?

        And again flour prices (the main ingredient in pasta) has DOUBLED.. so prices increases are expected... see CBC article: "Our largest and fastest price increase has been the cost of a 40-kilogram bag of flour. We were paying around $20 for about eight to 10 years. In [recent] months it's gone up. Now it's at around $43 — that's a huge increase. It's more than doubled." -

        1. re: OnDaGo

          RE: being dead
          Maybe its that one Bartender with ZERO personality they have on the bar

          I love the food, havent been back in a while
          but that girl on the bar, either she is family or a friend-of-a-friend

          but sheeeeeeeesh

          get some personality
          and try to LOOK like you WANT to be there

          I dont mind the servers DINING in

          but everytime I went to pick-up a pizza OR eat at the bar
          bar has NO ONE there when she is working

          personality. a PULSE.
          a will/a want to talk or bring in customers is a must