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Feb 22, 2009 06:14 PM

Upper West Side Pizza near 83rd Street

We just moved up to the upper west side from Gramercy and have yet to find a good pizza place. Any suggestions? Nothing fancy, just good solid NYC pizza.

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    1. a good take-out place that does pizza by the slice and whole is traviata pizza on 67th (i think! it may be 68th) between broadway and columbus. i loved their spinach ricotta pizza, but they have many varieties. there are a few tables inside the place where you can eat if you like, but it's very small. i would NOT go to francesco pizzeria around the corner on columbus.

      celeste on amsterdam between 84th and 85th is a sit down restaurant that has really good pasta for $9.99 (most of them are, at least). but they also have really good pizza. but this, as i said, is not quite new york pizza and you have to sit down for it.

      i've heard good things about sal and carmine's up on broadway between 100th and 101st, but have never been.

      1. For sit down, especially the square "grandma" I do like Dean's on 85th and Broadway. Also it's a great space (an old ballroom) for a group. Yes it's a chainlette, but fills a need in the neighboorhood.

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          I had a Dean's pizza delivered lastnight because it's the only choice around there....It sucked...soggy, undercooked, expensive but its your only choice in that hood if you want pizza delivered...

        2. For a basic slice or pie, I always liked T & R on Amsterdam btw 80th and 81st Sts. and New Pizza Town on 78th and B'way.

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          1. re: max

            Agree that either of these choices are serviceable. Deans can be hit or miss usually miss. Patsys now delivers. There's PINCH right there if you're into that.

            I seem to remember Garlic Bobs around 87th Columbus or so?

            1. re: harrison

              Pinch is really nasty and Garlic Bob's closed...forget pizza and get a burger at Shake Shack...