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Feb 22, 2009 06:11 PM

Tong Thai now Spice??

I loved Tong Thai on 13th near University when I went there in September. But now apparently it's called Spice? The decor is the same, but the menu looks different. Am I just getting my memories mixed, or does anyone have any extra info?

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  1. Yes, it is now a Spice. Tong Thai was the same owners. There are now so many of the Spice chain in the same small area--13th and University, 4th Avenue and 10th Street (I think), and one on Second Avenue, too. I asked why they closed Tong Thai as it had been open in that space for a very short time, and the person at the front said there were too many restaurants too close together, but maybe he thought I was asking why they'd closed the old Spice location on University.