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Feb 22, 2009 05:46 PM

Keeping cilantro fresh

Took an Indian cooking class on Saturday night and the cook/instructor swore the best way to keep cilantro fresh for up to two weeks is to trim and place in an airtight container with two (raw) eggs. The eggs draw some of the moisture out of the cilantro.

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  1. Put it in a bottle of Sunlight dishwashing liquid. That's what the stuff tastes like anyway. :-)

    1. Thanks for the great advice! I always use Cilantro in my salsa, and a few other dishes. Even though it is pretty inexpensive, I always feel guilty about tossing it out.. I will try your advice!

      1. I cut the bottom 1/8 inch off the stems and put them in a glass or mason jar with enough water to cover the bottom half inch of stems. Often I use the stems first, and cut them off and resubmerge the tops.
        Keep the water changed. Keep in a cool place (but not the coldest part of a frig.

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          Stems first? Interesting.... If the leaves get wet it seems that's the kiss of death in my place. I use mine within a day or two, but I dry the bunch and keep in a green bag it seems to be fine.

        2. I wrap mine in a damp paper towel and then in a baggie, don't lock up otherwise it will rot. Just leave open. Mine last a week to 2 weeks. I have also done the mason jar or water. I don't have enough room on my counter. I grow mine in my garden pots and get tons and use it all the time, salsa, chicken, shrimp salmon, scallops, quesadillas. Lots of things.

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            The wet paper towel and plastic bag is what I do with all my herbs; works fantastically, and they typically keep two weeks with no degradation.

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              Thx, yep, works great, I have a herb garden and dry many of mine. and keep others fresh. Actually my garden in made at my apartment, Just a small couple of boxes and wow, fresh herbs year round. Always had them at my house but made do at the apartment. I love them.

              Thx for the seconds on the bag. Those crazy green bags ... they do work well FYI, haven't done them with herbs but with the fruit and veggies ... they do.

          2. I did a "scientific" test of 7 methods of cilantro storage for an Indian cooking website. All the cilantro was from the same large bunch, as a control. The winner was the refrigerated bouquet method -- placing the stems in a jar of water, and placing the jar in the fridge with leaves left uncovered. Change the water every week, or when it looks cloudy. If it has roots, leave them attached. Very fresh cilantro can last 5 weeks this way, but 3-4 weeks is more usual. The larger the bunch, the better this method works. Just cut off what you need with kitchen shears.

            Unfortunately, I hadn't known about the egg trick to test it. It sounds clever, doesn't it. But I'd be afraid of contaminating the cilantro with salmonella.

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            1. re: Channa

              Mine never lasts more than 2 weeks tops, I eat it too quick. Interesting survey or test however. I have no room on my shelves, limited in my crisper. Interesting idea though.