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Feb 22, 2009 05:43 PM

Crabs @ Baltimore Waterfront Festival

I saw a foodie show where they showed great footage of crab eating at a Waterfront Festival held every year in Baltimore?

Can anyone tell me when that is and best crab vendors to seek out?


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  1. The reality is the good festivals for crabs are outside of baltimore near annapolis and southern md and you'd be better off going to a good crab place either in baltimore or nearer the bay.

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      if you peek back inhere - can you let me know of a few

      woudl like to travel down there and a good festival m/b a great anchor -- so to speak

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        I think the crab festival you are thinking of is in Crisfield, MD or least they used to have a yearly festival there.

        Canton Dockside has great crabs all year round if you're looking IN Baltimore.

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          I agree with Waves.....look for crab festivals across the bridge or So AA county......Baltimore is not what I think of for Crab Festivals....

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        I second the Tilgman Island Crab festivals. We went to both the June and October festivals this year and they were a blast. October has oysters as well.

      2. Most likely its the Baltimore Crab & Beer Festival right there at Fells Point. All the crabs you can eat and all the Clipper City beer you can drink for like $50. Decent entertainment. Nice outdoor setting. But its gotten so popular its a bit of a zoo lately. And the lines can get ridiculous.

        1. I know this is a year old but I too am trying to find out what this crab festival is. I saw it on Food Networks Unwrapped: Food Capitals where it visited Genos steaks and Philli[ps Seafood over in Baltimore. But there was a festival going on and the sign had said APRIL. I wanted to know what festival that was.

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            Sorry. Geno's Steaks is in Philadelphia, Phillips is an absurd tourist pit selling rewarmed imported crabs and uses intentionally deceptive non-local "Maryland-style" Indonesian pasteurized canned crabmeat in their dreadful crabcakes, crab is out of season in April, and Food Network is a collection of misleading tourist delusional entertainment, both in this instance and whenever anything comes out of Guy Fieri (example: his name, born Guy Ramsay Ferry).

            But--if you do come to MD in spring, there are very nice crabcakes at Faidley's in Lexington Market in Baltimore,steamed crabs at Costas and Mr. Bill's, a restaurant week on the Eastern Shore, oysters in the cooler months, but no local crab. Season starts late spring, peaks July-September.

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              This occurs in September, local crabs aren't really good until around then