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Feb 22, 2009 05:04 PM

Kansas City "Legends Mall" - Saturday night

Any recommendations in the Kansas City "Legends Mall" area?

Looking for a place for Saturday night that has great food, price really isn't a concern.

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  1. Mostly at the Legends you'll find chain restos. Off the top of my head I can't think of any locally owned gems. Of those I would say Yardhouse is the best and if you like beer, you're in luck. They have an impressive list of micros.

    You'll also find an Arthur Bryant's, which is a KC chain. It isn't my favorite KC BBQ, and if I were recommending AB's I would recommend the original KCMO location, but it'll do.

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      I have tried that Bryan't location several times and never been happy with it. (I do like the original).

      Granny's Chicken Ranch is a local gem.

      If you have any kids in your group, they will love you for taking them to the T-Rex Cafe . This is the first location for this concept and though it was created by the same people the food and atmosphere are better than a Rainforest Cafe.

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        Arthur Bryant's at The Legends? No no no. Once Bryant's was a legend; no more. I ate there, unwittingly, stupidly (not usually a rancorous person) a few weeks ago, and it was awful. I am sorry I can't recommend any place to eat near The Legends, because I only went there once, and I am not familiar with the area. I would be inclined to hit the road and eat downtown, maybe.

      2. If you like good beer definitely check out the Yardhouse. It can be a bit spendy, but I've enjoyed myself there.

        1. Stix can be fun. I don't know that the food is "great", but it was pretty good. We've only done the habachi style dining. Otherwise I would go with Yardhouse or Jazz, Jazz will have live music and I think their Cajun is good.

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            Just don't order any sushi at Stix, dreadful--unseasoned rice, stale nori, poor quality fish. The Yardhouse is your best bet if you must eat at the Legends.