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Feb 22, 2009 03:53 PM

Late night cafe?

I'm in desperate need of a coffee shop or cafe that's open late (past 11 PM!!!). I'm fed up with getting kicked out of coffee shops when I still have work to do.

I live on the Allston/Boston line. The cafe's that I know of close too early for me; Angora Cafe, Espresso Royale both close at 11. Herrel's CLOSES AT 7 PM DURING THE WINTER (I'm never going there again, despite how much I love their ice cream. It's just ridiculous to close at 7 PM! They don't deserve to be in business).

All I need is somewhere I can park myself at a table sipping on some tea until 1 AM at least.

Any suggestions?

p.s. I can't do work at home (too many distractions), and BU's library closes way too early.


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  1. I've been on a similar quest for the past 4 years I've lived here. My conclusion is that we're pretty much out of luck. This city pisses me off sometimes.

    That said, JP Licks in JP is open till midnight, and they've got wireless.

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    1. re: Prav

      JP is probably too far away to make it worth the trek for me... I'm seriously considering trying to do work at bars. Maybe "Our House" in allston... they've got wireless.

      1. re: sir_hc

        Are you sure Herrell's closes at 7? I feel like I've walked by at 10 and they're open.

        In Central Sq., La Luna is open kinda late but they've got entertainment so it might not be the atmosphere you want. 1369 until 11, which seems to be the cut off point for "late" except for the aforementioned JP Licks.

        1. re: sir_hc

          there's a JP Licks near coolidge corner, but it too closes at midnight (actually i forget if that's their summer hours, which would mean they close at 11pm now).

          there's an internet cafe on harvard ave. in allston (in the korean "strip mall") that's open til 1am: (beware that it tends to get crowded).

          1. re: mikhail

            try the desserts if you go to between hours. my favorite is the banana split with green tea, red bean, and mango ice cream

          2. re: sir_hc

            Heh. Why is doing work at bars such a problem? I've been doing it for years. I get more done in a few hours at Durty Nelly's than I do all day at the office.

        2. This won't help you, but I was in DC last weekend and they have places which are bar/coffee shop/bookstore/restaurant combos. There were lots of people there with their laptops on a Saturday night using the free wifi.

          I wonder why we don't see these sorts of things in Boston. Seems like it be a hit and the owner could make decent margins on the drinks.

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          1. re: Timlicious

            It astonishes me as well. Very backward thinking. I'm from Ann Arbor, MI where I can sit with my laptop on WIFI 'til 4am at a handful of places.

          2. Not exactly sure I'd want to flip open my laptop there, but Caffe Vittoria in the North End is open nightly until at least midnight. Across the street, Paradiso is open until 2.

            1. I just posted a similar question today within one of my online discussion groups because it seems like there are very few options in this category. About the only one I have found of late is down in Norwood (Perks), but they close around 9:00 or 10:00. Even the chains generally don't stay open all that late around here.

              1. The Diesel in Davis Sq. is open every night until midnight.