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Feb 22, 2009 03:44 PM

Pho in Manhattan Beach...we're all sick

Well, that was a wierd title.

We are all sick with this horrible cold/sore throat ugliness. Headaches, coughing and malaise abound. The only thing I can think about is Pho. We moved here from the SF Bay Area recently and I can't think of anywhere nearby that will deliver Pho to us tonight ,and I can't bear to get the sick kids into the car to pick some up.

Any suggestions for not-awful pho that will deliver to MB? (by Polliwog, so some Hawthorne or Gardena joints might work)

Thanks and stay healthy.

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  1. I don't think any of the pho places in LA or OC deliver -- I'm sorry. :(

    1. If you are willing to drive, the best Pho close to where you are is at Pho Hoa at the corner of Praire and Marine (NW corner) in Hawthorne.

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      1. re: KTLA

        Im in Manhattan Beach as well and concur.. Good stuff there and they package it well to go!!

        Pho Hoa
        15034 Prairie Ave, Hawthorne, CA 90250

        1. re: Foodandwine

          Also.. Sun and Moon on Manhattan Ave has PHO, never had it there nor eaten there but its much closer. If it was up tp me I would hop in the car go down Marine to Pho Hoa as I always do.

          Sun & Moon Cafe
          1131 Manhattan Ave, Manhattan Beach, CA

      2. There's a family owned restaurant that will deliver. The owner has been to my home just east of Polliwog Park. (He got lost, but he made it. He has GPS in the car, but there's a language speed bump.) Free delivery within 3 miles with $15 order (although MB is stretching it).

        Richard Foss of The Easy Reader gave it a favorable review. I don't order soup, just main dishes, rice & noodles. All the soups are 6.95 or 5.95. Pho Bo, nineteen combinations; Bun Nuoc (vermicelli soup), seven combinations; Mi (egg noodle soup), twelve combinations; Hu Tieu Nuoc (rice noodle soup), twelve combinations

        Pho Thai Long
        14936 S. Prairie Ave (North of Marine Ave)
        Hawthorne, CA 90250 (310) 676-7528
        Closed Wednesdays. (Business hours 8 am-- 10 pm).

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        1. re: vickie2172

          Hi Vickie,

          Nice to know, I have heard of that place before, so Im off for some Pho on the next comfort food day ( actually a cold day that I would like Pho ) What do you like to order from there? I see that you dont order soup..

          1. re: Foodandwine

            # 1. Goi Cuon (4 roll shrimp & pork 5.95) -- big, not much mint, but good.
            #109. House special broken rice of Thai Long with 7 items ($14.95) -- the most substantial rice dish I've ever had. Very hearty. Beats paella.
            #123. Charbroiled pork chop on rice ($6.95) -- Tasty (need 3 orders for teenage boy; 1 order for any one else).
            #134. Diced steak on top of Lettuce, tomato & onion w/ rice ($7.95) -- Tasty, (2 orders for teenage boy).
            Special #14, Fried Fish (market price, $19 in my case) -- whole fried fish, nicely done.
            Special # 6, Caramel pork ($7.95, very small cross-cut rib pieces) -- Nice flavor, very small portion.


            1. re: vickie2172

              Thanks Vickie I appreciate the effort you put into your reply. I will check it out shortly and report back..

        2. Too late, probably, for your malaise, but I'm pretty sure there are delivery services, say Pink Dot", I think, that will pick up a to-go order for you and deliver it. I imagine it's costly, but perhaps this is not an issue. Might be worth looking into before next you are similarly flattened. It's really rough when the whole household is sick!! Hope you're better now.