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Best Brunch (Updated For 2009)

My favorites:

French Toast -- Pastis (brioche) or Neptune Room/Jane (creme brulee battered). They are very generous with the fruit compote there. Balthazar (brioche) and Blue Ribbon Bakery (challah) are good, too, but Pastis and Jane are better, IMO. Five Points does a nice one but it is often stuffed with something (banana with creme anglaise, pumpkin, etc.) and sometimes the stuffing overwhelms the dish. Other hounds like it at Flea Market Cafe, The Smith, Westville East, Craftbar, Good, Extra Virgin, City Bakery, and Landmarc (Tribeca).

Donuts, etc.: I like the buttermilk beignets at Cookshop, and the churros at Five Points (get them with mexican hot chocolate). The donuts and ricotta fritters at Stanton Social are also quite good but on the heavy side. If you get one, I'd say the donuts. They're small donut holes, IIRC. Jane has excellent donuts as well. Still haven't tried Prune's or Five Points' donuts.

Waffles -- Balthazar (sour cream and nuts). Good Enough to Eat also has bacon IN their waffles, but I like the bacon more than the waffles there. If you see them on the menu at Clinton St. though, skip them, they are missing something, which is a shame. Amy Ruth's or Alias would be my pick for fried chicken and waffles. This dish is also offered at Back Forty, haven't tried it yet. Other hounds like the waffles at Petite Abeille.

Pancakes -- Clinton Street Baking Company is second to none! I love their maple butter and fresh Maine blueberries. Although Prune does a good rendition of a giant, oven-baked dutch pancake. Five Points and Sarabeth's both do a lemon ricotta pancake, if your tastes swing that way. So does Shopsin's but I think it's off the menu and Kenny grumbles if you ask for it. But if you're at Shopsin's anyway, get the slutty cakes, mac and cheese pancakes, or, my personal favorite, the bacon and egg pancakes. The silver dollar pancakes at Stanton Social are also quite good -- try one of the more unusual ones, like chocolate. Morandi does excellent crepes. Other hounds like The Little Owl, Spotted Pig, Perry St., Alice's Tea Cup, Fairway Cafe.

Eggs benedict -- For a new take on eggs benedict, go to Blue Ribbon Bakery for the Blue Benedict with Serrano Ham, Jarlsberg, Tomato. Both Neptune Room and Devin Tavern have very good lobster benedicts. The Smith and Jane both do interesting twists on eggs benedict, swapping out the English muffin for potato waffles, corn cakes, etc.

Omelets -- I like the oyster omelet at Morandi. I'm not a huge omelet person but the cheddar/apple one at Good Enough to Eat is good, as is are the ones at Popover Cafe (partial to the cranberry, bacon, cheddar one).

Other egg dishes -- Classic NY breakfast: eggs scrambled with lox at Barney Greengrass! More traditional? Eggs in a puff pasty at Nice Matin or Goldie Lox at Sarabeth's, or nestled a breakfast sandwich at Clinton Street Baking company, on their famous buttermilk biscuits and melty cheese and crispy bacon and excellent tomato jam. How about the truffled egg toast at 'ino? The skillet eggs at Cookshop are also quite good if you like your eggs sunny side up. I believe they are local NY state eggs. I'm not a huge fan of the baked egg dishes at Five Points.

Bread baskets -- Balthazar's Le Panier (love their fruit foccacia and their chocolate bread - Pastis gets the same basket, too). Blue Ribbon Bakery's is also quite good (challah!) but you might have to ask for their famous bacon bread. On the UWS, Nice Matin, Ouest (it was so good I wanted them to wrap it so I could take it home). I still need to try the bread basket at Five Points.

Drinks - Norma's, actually has fantastic, freshly squeezed OJ and free refills, basically the only thing I liked there. Jane has very good lemonade. Little Owl also has good lemonade. And there are some great custom juice blends out there: Five Points' Morning Refresher, Prune's Prune Juice, or Sarabeth's Five Flowers Juice.

Bloody Marys -- I'm not a fan but my boyfriend likes 'em at Great Jones Cafe (spicy). Prune has the crazy blood mary menu list for your nontraditional Bloodys -- a lot of people like the Chicago style one with a bunch of different pickled veggies. We haven't been to Essex yet but I hear they are good there too. RIP Bloodys at Tasting Room or Devin Tavern (fresh tomato and fresh horshradish.)

Bacon -- Cookshop has this amazing house-made, double-smoked, Berkshire pork bacon that's included with one of the entrees. This might be my favorite bacon in town. It's different from their regular bacon. I also like Balthazar (thin-cut and juicy), Good Enough to Eat (thick cut and a little tough but good). Clinton St. Baking Company also has pretty good bacon, as does Morandi (it's boar bacon apparently).

Big country breakfast (biscuits, gravy, eggs, etc.): I've had good ones at The Neptune Room The Smith, Perilla, and Alias.

Sandwiches: Prune make a mean deep-fried Monte Cristo sandwich. Blue Ribbon Bakery does a great duck club sandwich with homemade waffle chips. See also aforementioned breakfast sandwich at Clinton Street Baking Co., and have heard good things about breakfast sandwich at Frankie's Sputino 17 down the street.

Other, quirky items: Shopsin's has basically everything on the menu available during their operating hours (Tuesday - Saturday from 9am to 3pm) so you can easily get soup, salads, sandwiches, other cookied dishes for brunch. If you go to Aquagrill, you can have any of the over two dozen varieties of oysters on their menu. Alias on the Lower East Side has goedda which everyone needs to try at least once in their life. Oh, and fried chicken and waffles. At Prune, I like the coddled eggs and salad dish, as well as the sausages and oysters platter. At Blue Ribbon Bakery, a lot of their lunchy/appetizer items are available; we usually spring for the bone marrow. I am also fond of the sliders or burger at Little Owl, and the duck burger at Perilla.

Weekday brunch and breakfast spots:

Early weekend (Saturday, Sunday) spots for breakfast and brunch:
Patisserie Claude (croissants, opens at 7am?
)Cafe Mogador (opens at 9am)
Caffè Emilia (8am)
B&H (7am)
Sarabeth's (3 of their locations open at 8am)
Grey Dog (opens at 7am)
'ino (9am)
Balthazar (serves continental breakfast from 8am to 10am, turns into brunch after 10am)
Penelope (8am)
Barney Greengrass (opens at 8am)
See also http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/584297

Good for big groups:
- Pastis (communal table
)- The Neptune Room (communal table)
- Freemans (they have a private room)
- Jane (private room downstairs)
- Morandi (also quite large, and a nice space)
- 'inoteca (downstairs room)
- Five Points (space for larger parties is in back -- there's a tables and a booth)
- Blue Ribbon Bakery (they can seat bigger groups downstairs)
- Cookshop (they have booths and tables that can seat 6)
- Stanton Social (have an upstairs bar/lounge area that can be used, too) -- also on the pricey side, and it's all small plates
- Markt
- The Smith
- Spitzer's Corner (no reservations, though)
- Tia Pol

Upscale brunch:
Dovetail, Telepan, Compass, David Burke & Donatella, Ouest, Perry St., Cafe Boulud, BLT Market.

International/non-traditional brunch:
The Stanton Social does this well: breakfast bruschetta, huevos rancheros, pierogi, french onion soup dumplings, sliders, fish tacos, pizzetas, and latkes.
See also: Morandi, ino, Public, Prune, Belcourt, Veselka, Pylos, Tia Pol, Double Crown, Boqueria, Aquavit, Fatty Crab, Turkish Kitchen, Calle Ocho, Momofuku Ssam Bar.

RIP to brunch at EU, Devin Tavern, Florent, the Tasting Room, and Eleven Madison Park. And please stay away from Norma's!

Best brunches in NY

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  1. So well done! Thank you now i'm starving, even though I happen to have an awesome brunch at Clinton st. today.

    1. Incredible! I've saving this list. Thank you!


      1. I believe the Neptune Room has closed : (

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          1. re: jackieparis

            I'm holding out hope they will re-open! They're just "renovating" right? :(

            1. re: kathryn

              A new restaurant opened in that location.

        1. This is an excellent list! Thank you so much.

          1. Thank you so much for posting this list! Fabulous taste and so many of my favorites.

            Some additional feedback:
            - Back Forty's donuts range from really really really good to Un-believable. Take it from a pregnant lady who has been on a donut kick for 6 months. They are made fresh with different special flavors for each day. My favorite so far is the meyer lemon. And I don't even live near the East Village. The waffle and fried chicken is a little dry. even with tabasco all over. Biscuits and Gravy are all different yummy ballgame though.

            Other good bloody mary's include those at Upstairs at Bouley, Odeon, and Ditch Plains.

            Churros at Tia Pol used to be amazing but haven't been there since the change in chefs.

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            1. re: mcporkbun

              Thanks! So sorry to hear about the chicken and waffles. That's one of my fiance's favorite dishes of all time.

            2. Fantastic list! My girlfriend and I are big brunch people, will have to give some of the as yet unreached spots on here a run.

              Per the eggs section, I'm a huge fan of baked egg dishes. Elizabeth has the best I've had thus far in the city--but I'm thinking of their summer version which was baked eggs w/chorizo, sweet corn, and micro-cilantro, which I was addicted to this past summer and had many times. Really enjoyed a brunch there this fall, but the new baked egg dish was good, but not as great. Looking forward to seeing what they have on the menu in the spring per that. Craftbar has baked eggs with shortrib, ibarra chocolate, and leek confit--its good but maybe sounds a bit better than its execution. Baked eggs at Nolita House are mixed, they have a nice(not great/noteworthy, but casually enjoyable) ratatouille with them, but the eggs haven't been properly cooked when I've had them--keep hoping we'll get there without it being crazy so we can quietly enjoy the bluegrass thing they do on w/e's(not sure its ever quiet enough there to do so though). Shortlisted for upcoming baked egg visits are Falai and Country. Country's is made with tomato provencales, chorizo and saffron ragout--coincidentally we make baked eggs w tomato and saffron at home and its a delicious combination. Looking forward to seeing how their version is.

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              1. re: brettnyc

                Thanks! I haven't made it to Elizabeth just yet, as it brings me too close to the much-missed old Tasting Room space.

                For Country, you mean the Cafe at Country? I've brunched there before but actually took it off the 2009 brunch list since the kitchen has been in a bit of turmoil lately due to chef switches...

                1. re: kathryn

                  Elizabeth is one of those spots that my gf and I just really like, the backyard space is very nice and that summer version of the dish was wonderfully done. Haven't been in a while, we'll have to get back there soon though. Whenever the Tasting Room has been properly mourned, I think you'll find its a nice addition...

                  Yes, I meant Cafe at Country--yes good to note the chef issue. Haven't been for brunch yet but am planning to get there sometime in the next several weeks for the baked egg dish specifically.

              2. Very impressive, Kathryn! I have to ask, what are "slutty cakes"?

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                    1. re: kathryn

                      The slutty cakes are REALLY delicious.

                      1. re: Slob

                        the slutty cakes are delicious - but nothing can compare to the macaroni & cheese pancakes. kenny suggests putting maple syrup and hot sauce on them which scared me at first - but i soon realized that kenny shopsin is king - and you must trust him and all he does. i havent tried the bacon & egg pancakes but I CANT WAIT TO!

                  1. bravo, thank you kathryn.

                    1. Wonderful update, Kathryn. The new Brunch Bible for 2009!

                      I must ask one question: "Good for Big Groups - Tia Pol" (can this be right?)

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                      1. re: Hurner

                        Tia Pol takes reservations for groups of 6-8 people.

                      2. Eventhough its on the expensive side I loved BLT Market for brunch. They also have a great bread basket.

                        1. Adding on a few more private rooms/large group areas: (some may be quite pricey)

                          Alice's Tea Cup
                          Park Ave Spring (aka Park Avenue Summer aka Park Avenue Fall aka Park Avenue Winter)
                          Market Table
                          Chinatown Brasserie

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                          1. re: kathryn

                            Have in-laws in town and am hoping to all go to shopsins for the first time together. Slutty pancakes will have them wildly entertained and happily fed, am certain.

                            Your list is epic, and you are a hero!

                          2. This is an outstanding list! I am coming into town with two kids...are most of these places kid friendly? Thanks a bunch!!

                            1 Reply
                            1. re: kookyterp

                              Kid friendly brunch: Big Daddy's Diner, Landmarc, Sarabeth's, Penelope, Ouest, Bubby's, Isabella's, EJ's Luncheonette, Balthazar, Petite Abeille, and City Bakery are all reportedly kid friendly from various CH threads I've read.

                              As always, check hours before you go, and with NYC brunch, earlier is usually better.

                            2. Does anyone know of any worthwhile brunch spots in the theatre district? Going to see a matinee show in a couple of weeks and want to grab something good and then hopefully just walk to the show.

                              5 Replies
                              1. re: Corporate_40

                                It's been awhile since I've been there but I really liked 44 & X

                                1. re: kelea

                                  Only been there for dinner, but I really enjoyed 44&X.
                                  I would recommend Marseille for brunch.


                                  1. re: kathryn

                                    I tried David Burke & Donatella for Brunch last weekend...3 courses for either 29 or 35 bucks depending on what you selected. I ended up with a 35er...outstanding lobster scrambled egg dish with caviar was the highlight. Oh, that and the warm apple tart and vanilla ice cream. Nice room too. Service impecabble.

                                  2. re: Corporate_40

                                    What about Nook on 9th between 50/51. Awesome cozy little joint with fabulous brunch.

                                  3. @kathryn...this was an incredible post. Just wanted to add: six of us had a great brunch at Brasserie 81/2 on W. 57th. All you can eat buffet including killer confections.

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                                    1. re: judka

                                      Thanks! I'm the first to admit that I'm not quite so versed on the Midtown places.

                                      1. re: kathryn

                                        Going to Cookshop for brunch this weekend. Any recommendations of what to eat??

                                        1. re: jdogg80

                                          Beignets and skillet eggs with house cured bacon! Scrambles are good too. Not a fan of the semolina french toast.

                                          1. re: kathryn

                                            Thanks Kathryn. Loved your brunch list, I printed it out for future reference. I also have a reservation at Morandi, but I think my friend wants to try Cookshop. Morandi's crepes souns great too. For another time...

                                            1. re: jdogg80

                                              have you tried locanda verde? that was a REALLY nice brunch this past sunday. morandi is good too. had breakfast there this AM. havent been to cookshop in a while but i remember their bacon being great. they had a hanger steak and eggs special i really liked too but i've also had kinda mediocre breakfast meals there. agree with above re: semolina french toast :( my favorite french toast places have been 202 (but havent been recently), Egg, Jane. Pastis' french toast is nice too but its not of the battered style as kathryn mentioned in her orig post.

                                              1. re: prcentauri

                                                I found the semolina at Cookshop to be too healthy/whole grain-y for french toast! Oh, well.

                                    2. I have to add Calle Ocho to this brunch list. I had my sister's bridal shower there last year and it was a huge hit. They have an unlimited sangria bar (yep, all kinds) and also offer a semi-private area for groups of 25 people or less. The table they gave us was round with a lazy susan in the center; it was perfect for conversation! I highly recommend the place, they were more than accommodating. Super affordable too!

                                      3 Replies
                                        1. re: kathryn

                                          as far as the actual food, its aight. they have a guy going around in a fancy taco cart which is kinda interesting but ultimately nothing special; the entrees are ok. the bread basket is nice tho, good selection of different things including baby pan de bono and other stuff; I remember that the mushroom rice was really really savory and delicious; the salmon "cachapa" was nothing like the sweet corn and cornmeal pancake but a plain ol' boring crepe.

                                          the main draw there for sure is the sangria bar.

                                          1. re: bigjeff

                                            Thanks for the report! I think I'll pass as I'm more about the food than unlimited booze.

                                      1. hands down the greatest post ever. Thank you kathryn!

                                        if i can add - for croissants and other baked goods (non-table service), La Bergamote in Chelsea (beware the coffee is terrible) and Financier (multiple locations), are highly recommended.

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                                        1. re: slicknik

                                          Very comprehensive. Like a brunchopedia. Thanks!

                                        2. Great list! 202 in the Chelsea Market is a must - definitely the best french toast I've had..

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                                          1. re: crovito

                                            I was thinking of having brunch with 5 other friends at Clinton St. Bakery on a Saturday -- impossible? What's the next best alternative?

                                            1. re: FiveDanFive

                                              I think it's do-able if you all show up at 9:30. They won't seat incomplete parties.

                                              Otherwise, make a reservation somewhere (like Blue Ribbon Bakery, Five Points, Cookshop, Jane, etc. from the good for groups list above).

                                                1. re: kathryn

                                                  Awesome recs as always kat. I was going to suggest Shopsin's but then I saw that... he is a party of six aha!

                                                  1. re: steakrules85

                                                    Hey, if you really want to see them yell, definitely bring a party of greater than four. :)

                                                    1. re: steakrules85

                                                      Would the crazy lines at Clinton St. die down by, say, 1 p.m. on a Saturday? Or is it pretty constant?

                                                      1. re: FiveDanFive

                                                        It is constant until they cut off the line, because the kitchen closes at 3:30ish.

                                                        1. re: FiveDanFive

                                                          The best time to go to Clinton Street is during the afternoon during the week.

                                                          1. re: steakrules85

                                                            I think we're actually gonna try Freemans on Saturday. The Clinton St. wait sounds like a killer.

                                                            1. re: FiveDanFive

                                                              Are you going to walk-in or make a reservation?

                                                              1. re: kathryn

                                                                Probably gonna make a reservation since it's a group of 6. What's good there? I've heard nice things about the mac 'n' cheese and spinach/artichoke dip.

                                                2. Well, Pig and whistle have a few good items and bring a free bloody mary with some items. For weekly brunch, landmark at columbus circle serves every day through 3PM i think,

                                                  1 Reply
                                                  1. re: he is

                                                    Really, Pig and Whistle? Which branch and what items?

                                                  2. What a fabulous list, Kathryn! We're visiting from Chicago, staying at the Parker Meridien, and are looking for Sunday brunch for a group of 12. What would your recommend?

                                                    1 Reply
                                                    1. re: redheadteacher

                                                      For a group that size, it really depends if you want a private room or private area or not. If so, I would try Stanton Social, Jane, The Smith, and Blue Ribbon Bakery first. It also depends when you're coming (i.e., in a month or this weekend) in terms of availability.

                                                      Good for big groups:
                                                      - Pastis (communal table)
                                                      - Freemans (they have a private room)
                                                      - Jane (private room downstairs)
                                                      - Morandi (also quite large, and a nice space)
                                                      - 'inoteca (downstairs room)
                                                      - Five Points (space for larger parties is in back -- there's a tables and a booth)
                                                      - Blue Ribbon Bakery (they can seat bigger groups downstairs)
                                                      - Cookshop (they have booths and tables that can seat 6)
                                                      - Stanton Social (have an upstairs bar/lounge area that can be used, too) -- also on the pricey side, and it's all small plates
                                                      - Markt
                                                      - The Smith
                                                      - Spitzer's Corner (no reservations, though)
                                                      - Tia Pol
                                                      - Public
                                                      - Alice's Tea Cup
                                                      - Park Ave Spring (aka Park Avenue Summer aka Park Avenue Fall aka Park Avenue - Winter)
                                                      - Market Table
                                                      - Chinatown Brasserie

                                                    2. My Locanda Verde brunch review:

                                                      This place just shot up to one in my (admittedly arbitrary) top five brunch spots in the city.

                                                      1 Reply
                                                      1. re: kathryn

                                                        Wow that is saying a lot coming from someone who has been to so many incredible brunch institutions. Gotta get there and have a go at it.

                                                      2. Many of the places on your list are wonderful, but as far as I'm concerned, The Water Club is the best Sunday Brunch in Manhattan....Great views of the water/boats, free parking, not to mention the plentiful buffet, omelet station, shellfish station, etc....and the desserts???? amazing experience.

                                                        1. a small edit because its bugs this ohioan -- the quirky and tasty cincinnati breakfast specialty is called goetta, not goedda.

                                                          1. Has anyone been to brunch at Beacon?
                                                            I searched on the site, and didn't find anything...

                                                            1. Has anyone tried Permanent Brunch yet in the EV?

                                                              1. Any ideas which would be child friendly? We are taking my 82 year old father in law and my 6 y.o. son. My child has the more developed palate!

                                                                2 Replies
                                                                1. re: bawc

                                                                  Kid friendly brunch: Big Daddy's Diner, Landmarc, Sarabeth's, Penelope, Ouest, Bubby's, Isabella's, EJ's Luncheonette, Balthazar, Petite Abeille, and City Bakery are all reportedly kid friendly from various CH threads I've read.

                                                                  As always, check hours before you go, and with NYC brunch, earlier is usually better.

                                                                  1. re: bawc

                                                                    Bar Breton. It's quiet, food is good, and there were 2 families w/young kids while I was there.

                                                                  2. will do a detailed search on this thread but . . . . any solid places very close to central park / tavern on the green? not much on this thread listed by location but, looking for something post-NYRR-race on a saturday coming up . . . thoughts anyone? I saw brasserie in this thread which . . . would be awesome but i see it is only on sundays and, would they take a bunch of sweaty runners anyway? I guess a good solid diner would be more appropriate. gus and gabriel walk-in possible on a saturday morning, say, 10:30am?

                                                                    2 Replies
                                                                    1. re: bigjeff

                                                                      Telepan on 69th between CPW / Columbus. Brunch menu 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays

                                                                      Not sure about the sweaty runners part, though. For that, maybe Fairway?


                                                                      1. re: uwsgrazer

                                                                        we went to utopia diner right on 72nd and broadway; fast, delicious, inexpensive, crowded and filled with other runners! great place; eggs benedict were monsters.

                                                                        and, gus and gabriel were closed at 10am.

                                                                    2. Can Kathryn or anyone else weigh in on the best of these brunches combined with some excellent music? Maybe not jazz but something more eclectic? Can't be overly grungy b/c I will have my mom with me. Preferably below 14th Street. Thanks!

                                                                      1 Reply
                                                                      1. re: LBNJNY

                                                                        Checked out Shopsin's for the first time this afternoon.

                                                                        I took a spot in the back of a long line at around 12:30 p.m., when a visibly upset cook walked out, looked at everyone in the line, and muttered to no one in particular: "WHAT THE F*CK IS THIS SH*T? WE'RE F*CKING CLOSED!" Then stormed back into the kitchen.

                                                                        A minute later, after a few more people had arrived behind me, a different guy walked out and pointed at me and said, "This guy's the last customer for the day," so everyone behind me had to leave.

                                                                        I thought this whole sequence was pretty funny, but only because I'd read about the mean Shopsin's guy beforehand and knew that profanity was part of the restaurant's, uh ... appeal. I can't imagine what people who didn't know about the restaurant must've been thinking. They're probably the ones who go on Yelp and give Shopsin's a one-star rating because of the rude service -- justifiably so, I think, but if you can roll with it, it's kind of a fun experience.

                                                                        Other things that only Shopsin's could possibly get away with:
                                                                        --I asked the waiter for a stirrer for my coffee, and when he came back with it, he sorta just flipped it on my table. Any place else, I think I would've said something, but again, since it was Shopsin's, I laughed it off and dismissed it as just being part of the experience.
                                                                        --When I asked for the check, the waiter placed it on top of one of my plates, which was a little weird because the plate still had food on it, which I was kind of hoping to get wrapped up.

                                                                        As far as the food itself, I had the mac and cheese pancakes and the sliders, which were both incredibly tasty. So good, in fact, that it'll make you say "F*ck!" while you eat it.

                                                                        By the way, I discovered that it's not Kenny who's the mean guy; it's his son, the cook. Kenny actually seemed like a nice, sweet old man, but maybe I just caught him on a bad day.

                                                                        Shopsin's General Store
                                                                        120 Essex St, New York, NY 10002

                                                                      2. the only one that you left out is poco.. but i agree with what you said about the rest.. i am a brunch hound .... the french toast (big portion) is delish and the eggs bendi is fab with the arepa instead the english muffin oh and the lobster mac ..mmmm. and the service is really good.... oh big glasses of champagne ... only need three and you are nice... was a big fan of paradou till they raised their price.. but the duck reuben and their kir royales mmmm oh and a hidden gem in the bronx ( 4 train).giovanni;s ...or gbar cute fairly big and buffet style(feed yourself) and the unlimited drinks and i mean unlimited... the belinis and the service is great and not crowded and no wait... oh the place is italian near hostos college..

                                                                        1. For Clinton st are the differences between the banana walnut pancakes and the blueberries. Does one just come with blueberries on top and the other with chopped banana and walnuts? I plan on going soon for the first time and I am thinking about ordering the banana walnut pancakes because I like bananas more than blueberries. I just want to make sure that there isn't anything more special about their signature blueberry pancakes than the banana

                                                                          4 Replies
                                                                            1. re: kathryn

                                                                              ok thanks. the pictures on yelp were deceiving. either way i think i still would be not be missing anything really if I ordered the bananas/walnut. unless there's something special about the batter that goes really well with the blueberries rather than the banana/walnut?

                                                                              1. re: daffyduck

                                                                                I'm not a huge banana fan and haven't tried that variety.

                                                                            2. around columbus circle; AQ Cafe was perfectly good, affordable, no line when we usually go and just a simple meal. baked eggs, smorgasbord all good.