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Feb 22, 2009 02:03 PM

Gordon Ramsey's Hell's Kitchen [Moved from LA]

I heard that in order to dine at the restaurant during taping, you have to be invited by someone who works for Fox TV. Does anyone know of any other way of getting in?

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  1. Hell's Kitchen is a fiction that plays out on TV. Yes you can find an address for the location, which is where they have built the "set" to do the filming, it is not a real, open to the public restaurant.

    1. People are recruited to dine there (or never be served), and paid $50 compensation + free valet:

      My guess is that guests are recruited through modeling/talent agencies or others connected to the industry; I never saw a hideous or overweight diner on the show, and there may have even been an attractive vehicle requirement.

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        Ha! This post will likely be removed or moved, but I can tell you that that is definitely not true about the appearance of the guests. The first poster is correct that they are usually acquaintances of people who work at Fox, although I think I've seen shows looking for diners on Craigslist as well.

        1. re: Chowpatty

          Potential applicants may have responded to ads in the paper or Craigslist, but even they are screened first in person before being chosen to participate. They're called Cattle Calls.

          I don't recall anyone ugly (plastic surgery aside), obese, or inapproprately dressed (ie brown polyester ill-fitting suit) as a diner when watching the show. But maybe I wasn't paying enough attention?

          1. re: Caralien

            On this week's episode, there was a B- list (or even C-list) celebrity dining. Lloyd Eisler and his bride Kristy Swanson - a one time Canadia Figure skating celebrity - but now just a shmuck who cheated on his wife with his partner from "Skating with the stars".

            1. re: maisonbistro

              They are all wannabe's on Hell's Kitchen, those behind the stoves (except GR, of course) and those cast as the restaurant diners. But I still say, it is a very delicious viewing experience, for someone who loves to gander at car chases and crashes, and train wrecks.

      2. On this last episode with the beef cuts, did anyone else notice that the diner who had not received the butter (and was being asked whether their order was taken because the waiter/cook had forgotten whether he had taken their order) was Chris Cognac, The Hungry Detective (and fellow CHer - at least until the mods deleted eveything he posted about his show)?

        If Bravo has Top Chef, then this is Bottom Chef. I cannot even remotely conceive of any of these people being at the level to run one of Ramsay's places. I know that past seasons have had mixed results - some winners actually became execs while others were paid and given fancy titles, but never actually took over a kitchen. I can't believe that any of the current crop could lead their way out of a paper bag. And some of them are already execs somewhere - remind me to never eat in those joints, especially the steak house exec that can't cook a steak.

        This "identify the meat cut" game was so ridiculously easy. They never showed the cuts nor the individual results on the cow in detail, so it's possible that they were somewhat tricky about it with the actual cuts on the table. But what little I could see showed some ridiculous mistakes identifying the cut to the primal on the cow - the so called culinary instructor had the short ribs behind the filet mignon (in the sirloin) and the brisket in the chuck. I'm so happy to see Gordon tear her apart - nothing is so deserving of ridicule as someone that sets themselves up as an instructor with no training or experience.

        And then those stupid women crying and barfing while eating offal - I mean - do I even want to consider being served food made by such morons? Why are they even pretending to be cooks?

        Ramsay is not doing himself any favors with this show. If you see that one of these jokers is being allowed to cook, never mind actually being an exec at one of his places, why would you eat there? I remember one strong winner a couple of seasons back - Rock, I think was his name. But nobody I've seen since comes close to being a chef.

        I agree with ChinoWayne - you watch it because it's a train wreck. It has nothing to do with serious cooking, dining, or even a remotely real career path for chefs. I know that a few years ago I wrote that this was like a boot camp experience. But boot camp takes raw recruits and builds entry level soldiers/airmen/sailors. This is supposedly building an exec chef. I don't see it - not with these morons.

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          I ate dinner at Hells Kitchen last night, it really was an amazing experience. The food was very good and it was so enjoyable watching the "show". What was shocking was I didn't recognize any of the contestants from this year season 5 reason being they are taping season 7 right now.