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Feb 22, 2009 02:02 PM

6 days in London - looking for veg/healthy/reasonably priced

I'm going to London soon, and have compiled a list of possible choices. Tending heavily toward vegetarian/vegan places, plus Italian, Thai or Vietnamese. Indian may be out, because I can't eat ghee or coconut milk.

Anyway, possibilities so far:


222 Veggie Vegan
The Gate
Rootmaster (for lunch)
Hummus Bros. (for lunch)
Eat & Two Veg ( for lunch)

Ton Kanom Thai
Number One Cafe
101 Thai


Viet Grill

Thanks for any advice you can give me!

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  1. Rasa, vegetarian South Indian on Stoke Newington Church Street N16 - do book and let them know when you order no ghee - make sure you go to the vegetarian restaurant, not their sister restaurant across the road

    Saf - raw food in Shoreditch

    If you're sightseeing in town Just Falafs (falafels etc) in Covent Garden and Soho for lunch (altho' in Covent Garden the seating is outside


    Food For Thought, Neal Street, Covent Garden is also great for lunch

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    1. re: themags

      I second food for thought - much prefer it to Mildred's. I've found the hot food at FFT much lighter and tastier than the stuff I've had at Mildred's. It's also cheaper, too.

      1. re: DietStartsTomorrow

        Thanks! What do you think of Green Papaya for Vietnamese, or Rosa's for Thai?

        1. re: sourcherry

          Yes on both of those - Green Papaya does an excellent smoked tofu. Are you strictly vegetarian or just looking for mainly vegetarian places or restaurants that do healthy stuff? Because Green Papaya's chicken pho (soup noodles) are amazing... oh, and try their banana flower salad (but note there's fish sauce, if you're a strict veggie).

          1. re: supercharz

            Thanks. No, I'm not a strict vegetarian. More trying to eat that way due to annoying cholesterol issues!

            1. re: sourcherry

              I would definitely second Green Papaya for Vietnamese - they do have a lot of great fish dishes as well if you are not strictly vege.

    2. best vegetarian in town is probably: SAF.

      worth considering.

      Morgan M (islington) also has a great garden menu, as does Roussillon (Pimlico)

      but I guess it all depends on what you mean by reasonably priced.

      for example: Assaggi is a great italian, but its not cheap.

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      1. re: batfink23

        Sourcherry - re reading your post there are some dishes at Food for Thought which do include coconut milk - usually it does say on the list of dishes and ingredients they post every day.
        From my experience, it's still a lot lighter and tastier than the other veggie places I've been to in my lunch hour round here in Soho and defo worth a trip to Covent Garden. It's no-frills, seventies-style pine tables and you'll probably end up sharing a table at peak times but still excellent value for the price.

        I'm not a vegetarian either, but I love their food (so much I have both their cookery books) and I've lost a lot of weight and feel a lot healther since going their for my work lunches, so I'm their biggest fan at the moment!

      2. The breakfast I had at Eat and Two Veg was one of the worst I can recall. Really. I think cardboard would have tasted better. Sardo was okay, but my last visit was a year ago and I don't remember the restaurant as being particularly vegetarian. One must-add for your list: Ottolenghi. Best salads in London. I always go to the Islington location but I'd imagine they're all stellar.

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        1. re: peelmeagrape

          Wow. Thanks for the heads up. Have others here had bad meals at Eat and Two Veg? And I'll check out Ottoleghi.

          1. re: sourcherry

            Definitely check out Ottolenghi - it's worth a visit.

            Eat and Two Veg seems to do a lot of meat substitutes, which appeals to very few vegetarians (IMHO). They opened a branch in Muswell Hill recently but it went under very quickly.

            Check out the reviews here: