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Feb 22, 2009 01:57 PM

Disappointed in Justin's in Greenville SC

I took the Fine Dining Meetup there last month. We had 10 people for steak and everyone who had anything other than a filet wans a tough, grisled (?) piece of meat. The service was very good but the meat was of poor quality. I have tried twice to get in touch with Beernie the owner. Once I stopped by his place in Startanburg and left a message with the manager and I called the one in Greenville and asked him to call me. Both times I told the person that I felt it was important and I have heard NOTHING. I have met Bernie several times and he know me. I am very disappointed in this place. Justin's had the lowest ratings of any place we have gone.

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  1. I suppose you know they closed the Greer location recently. We went to the Greenville one on Monday and my steak was fine (I don't really like steak that much) but of about the same quality as Outback. My husband's was slightly less flavorful, he thought it had been frozen (he got the bone-in filet, I the small filet). My sweet potato fries, which were to be an indulgence since I don't eat much fried stuff, were soggy and bad. Husbands fried shrimp app (ditto on the fried) were greasy and heavily breaded.

    I'm sorry for any restuarant that has to try to have top notch quality when patronage is low in a slack economy...but this quality won't improve anything for them.