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Feb 22, 2009 01:51 PM

Grilled meat heaven on Route 1

Traveling up Route 1 from Laurel to Baltimore, my car stopped when it saw a large roadside grill with a chimney and a handmade sign advertizing 'pollo asada, carnitas, carnes' (I think). This was just north of the intersection with Route 175.

I ordered beef, which was pulled out of a marinade and grilled over wood, and tasted GREAT. I think skirt steak. If you can speak Spanish, ask them not to keep flipping it, so it gets a better char; And order medium rare to get medium, or ask them to pull it off the grill when it looks done enough for you.

Open Saturday and Sunday (I think), on the south lane, steak was $10 for 2 pieces, plus small tacos, rice and beans and a little salsa: easily enough for 2 people. I think it is a mojito marinade: very citrusy, the meat was beefy and smoky and juicy and slightly spicy and... have I said enough to get you going? It makes pit beef seem like a dry leftover.

I'm looking for excuses to go there again.

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  1. This looks great. In all seriousness, how do you say "Please don't flip the meat" in Spanish?

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    1. re: HowChowBlog

      I'm going to have to check this place out. To answer your question, here is the translation:

      Por favor, no voltees la carne tanto. Deje que se carbonice un poquito.

      Please don't flip the meat so much. Let it char a little.

    2. Are you sure that you were just north of Rte 175? And was it just folks with a grill or a truck?

      Your post inspired me to drive U.S. 1 last weekend, and I found a truck with a grill selling steak and ribs. The truck Pupuseria Y Taqueria Las Delicias was terrific. But afterwards, I realized that the truck I found was parked just north of Rte 32. I know it was south of Rte 175 because I turned off there to go to Lowes.

      Re-reading your post, I think there might be two new grills -- and that's a reason to check it out again this weekend.

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      1. re: HowChowBlog

        Thanks for the update HCB. Given this upcoming weekend's beautiful forecast, it sounds like great weather to go taco trucking. If someone has the opportunity can they report back as to where on Route 1 these meat heavens are: near Route 175 or Route 32? west side of the road or east side of the road? Muchas gracias!

        1. re: bordeauxfan

          The one that I visited last weekend was on the west side of U.S. 1 just north of Rte 32. I didn't get out this weekend because my chores didn't take me that way.