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Feb 22, 2009 01:10 PM

Oops. San Diego area: inexpensive-moderate good food near Courthouse

Will be in San Diego area for a few days. Looking for inexpensive to moderate good food, including taco trucks and the like, near the Downtown courthouse. Thank you.

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  1. Three hots and a cot at County jail if things don't work out. No charge.

    Athens Market for decent Greek food, Bar Burger and/or a bowl of mussel bisque at Dobson's, Cafe Chloe and Neighborhood are a 10 block walk, excellent pannini, soup and salads at Enoteca Style on India, pasta at Buon Appetito, superb sandwiches at Extraordinary Desserts on Uinion.

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      These are good tips.

      Real close to the courthouse kind of sucks.

      Currant is close though, and can be good although it is a little up and down.

      W Hotel is real up and down. Mostly down.

    2. If all else fails, Horton Plaza has a food court and the Nordstrom Cafe has pretty decent food.

      1. Is Gourmet India still in business?

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        1. re: RB Hound

          Last time I went a few weeks ago it was.

        2. Sushi Deli lunch specials are cheap and decent. I like the Indian fast food at the Horton Plaza food court.

          1. The fish tacos at Lucy's Taco Shop are pretty good. It's on C between 1st and 2nd, near all the bail bond places.

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              Lucy's was one of my favorites when i worked down by the Courthouse. There's nothing particularly special about the place, but its a taco shop done well.

              I'd also suggest St. Tropez, either in Horton Plaza, or on Broadway and Front (?). For a chain, it does french food okay.