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Feb 22, 2009 12:56 PM

Kosher in Seattle?

Is there anywhere in Seattle to get kosher prepared food other than Bamboo Garden? I might be headed there this summer and need to know how much food I'll have to schlep along...

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  1. There is a kosher deli in the Albertsons on Mercer Island - you might also check

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      A new Pizza place called Island Crust opened up a few blocks from the Albertsons. It is a huge clean pizza store with a huge menu. This is something that is a long time coming out there and I hope they support it and keep it open.

    2. We loved an Indian place that was very close to the airport, Pabla, as well as a place in Redmond, that I think was called The Vegetarian Teapot. Both had kosher supervision at the time, but I notice that The Vegetarian Teapot is no longer on Shamash. Maybe it's not under supervision anymore; this was about four years ago. What a shame; their vegan cheesecake was amazing. I can understand parve cheesecake, using tofutti cream cheese, but how they did it with no eggs or cheese is beyond me!

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        The Pabla is excellent and is located in Redmond. They have an incredible lunch buffet for about 8 bucks. I spoke to a friend in Seattle and he told me that Teapot in Redmond is no longer under Hasghacha but the one all the way past bellevue is. Worth a ride if you have time.

      2. Thanks for the info, everyone. Sounds like I have a few more options than I thought.