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Feb 22, 2009 12:47 PM

Dublin Eats

Does Dublin have any great cheap eats, especially for lunch and breakfast?

Also, where are some good places to eat near Merrion Square, lower Baggot Street, Kilmainham Gaol Historical Museum and St. Stephen’s Green?

I'd appreciate any recs, thanks!

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  1. You should try Gruel on 68 Dame Street Just down from Trinity, it's a good spot for lunch and Dinner and they even do breakfast although i've never been for it!

    Another new place which is fairly cheap is Green Nineteen on Camden Street its good value everything seems to be under a tenner. You could try Jo Burger in Rathmines its a little out of the centre of town but you can get a bus no problem or even walk.

    1. I agree with tonto's excellent recs, but try also chez max on lr baggot st, great little good value bistro, was there on friday, good steak frites.
      best museum food is the silk road cafe in the chester beatty library in dublin castle if u fancy some culture.

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        Rather than start a new thread, we have friends we need to visit just north of Bray. Anything that side of the city we could take them to, not too expensive? Simply don't know Ireland at all.

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          Alexis in Dun Laoghaire is not too far, great bistro food but book as its popular.

          check out the microbrewery Porterhouse in Bray for their Oyster Stout and other beers but the food is only average

      2. I wanted to mention a place that I came across while visiting Dublin from New York a couple of weeks ago - The Farm. It 's right near Trinity and focuses on fresh and organic ingredients. I had a delicious fish pie with lots of fresh herbs and my boyfriend had chicken pot pie and spicy wings. Not too expensive either.

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          1. I enjoyed 'Elephant and Castle' on Temple Bar, they had lots of interesting breakfasty egg related dishes, and I enjoyed their Chicken Wings