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Feb 22, 2009 12:42 PM

Five Sixty (Dallas)

Has anyone tried Wolfgang Puck's new restaurant Five Sixty?

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  1. Ate there for Valentine's, but on the 13th, since we wanted a full menu. Here's what I posted on another site:

    The place looks great, is completely redone. The restaurant is on the top, where the bar/lounge used to be, and the lower level (formerly Antares) is now for special events, catering things, etc. It was still when we arrived; they started rotating the place a little after 7pm.

    It’s an Asian-influenced menu. Waitstaff was very helpful, all of them knew the menu. Great service.

    Before our appetizers arrived, they came out with a little pre-appetizer (but bigger than an amuse bouche) of wok-seared green beans with candied nuts and some other stuff, gratis. Slightly spicy, slightly sweet, all good.

    We started with an Arctic Char Tandoori, that was just wonderful, and a Spicy Tuna Tartare in Sesame-Miso Cones that was just spectacular. The tartare was served with a ginger that I think they must pickle in house – it wasn’t raw ginger shavings, but was much better than the typical pink sushi-house pickled ginger. The little cones were very delicate waffle-cone type things, and the tartare was excellent.

    Wife had a Chinese duckling dish, served with a Chinese salad and lo mein. Very flavorful and tender.

    I had the Shangai-style Maine lobster, which was cooked in the shells, then the meat is removed and tossed in some sauce, and served on top of a jasmine rice with crispy baby spinach. The spinach must have been fried, to be crispy, but wasn’t oily at all, just very flavorful and melted in your mouth.

    We finished with what they just labeled a “banana cream pie”, but it was a banana-meringue piece with caramelized banana on top, served with some sort of bittersweet chocolate ice cream. Also very good, and I’m not a dessert guy.

    I was in coat and tie, but many weren’t – it was obviously open to a more casual clientele.

    Just under $200 for the two of us, before tip – two bourbons for me and two champagnes for her. The "value" rating above is for similar type restaurant -- it was what we expected, and a good value for a fantastic dinner.

    As we left, we spoke to a few people who came in without reservations -- they could have a drink at the bar, but there were no dining seats available.

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      was curious about this place, so I'm "reviving" this post in the hopes of new info from the Hounds! Thanks for any thoughts!

    2. We had an incredible meal here - some of the best sushi in Dallas. Service was warm and professional as has become one of Puck's trademarks. The Lacquered Chinese Duckling was very nice, if a little sweet, but the Wild Striped Bass with Thai Spiced Shrimp and Pork Belly Dumplings were spot on. Wine list has nice depth and is not as expensive as I expected. I'm not sure how often I will return as it's not exactly "in the loop" and is a major effort to actually get to a dining table.

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        I have had two meals there. Everything is prepared so well. Some of my favorites are the lobster, it served with a light curry sauce. This dish is pretty rich but, keeps you wanting more. The pork chop is possibly my favorite entree so far. Its about 1.5in thick, cooked perfectly with a nice sweet and savory glaze. The laquered duck is awesome too. I think WP has perfected this dish. The seabass is great too, not the whole fried bass, very light with soft flavors. Favorite appetizers are Artic Char with Indian seasonings and prep, pork belly potstikers and the sashimi. I keep hearing that the calamari is excellent too. Service is very professional but personable and smart. Great wine list. Matches the cuisine perfectly. The atmosphere is pretty modern and clean, you should be focusing more on the outside anyway. This is one of the few places that actually excited and wowed me in a while. Cant wait to return.