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Feb 22, 2009 12:39 PM

lower Manhattan Indian for a non-discerning teenager

My step granddaughter is visiting from France and says she would like to go to an Indian restaurant. She is not very discerning in food (for example, a big mac was consumed to great delight today).

Where should we go that a teenager would like, that I wouldn't spend too much on but that I might like also?


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  1. brick lane curry house on 6th

    or any of the veg places on lex in the upper 20's

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    1. re: thew

      I probably should have said that, as a teenager, she's also not much interested in vegetables. Brick Lane might be the way to go although it's already fancier than I was hoping for.

      1. re: adorno

        brick lane isnt fancy - but if its too over the top, pick any place else on 6th street

        1. re: adorno

          you could always go to the Indian steam table at Whole's actually better than a lot of the 6th St places...that might be an easy way to satisfy her Indian food craving...decent people watching at the Time Warner Center WF as well...

      2. Not really a restaurant, but Punjabi Deli on 1St between 1av and av A. There is an all veggie menu with about 6 items, rice, naan, samosas, sweets and other desserts. Extremely cheap. She will be full for $5. No waiter service or tables/chairs. There is a place to put your plates and eat while standing. Extremely popular with taxi drivers.

        1. Dhaba in Curry Hill does very acceptable North Indian meat dishes and has a comprehensive lunch buffet that is not only affordable but wide-ranging.