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Feb 22, 2009 12:24 PM

Atlanta possibilities, no car but MARTA OK

Will be spending several days in Atlanta in the near future and am looking for feedback on some food options I'm considering. Am especially interested in hitting some classic Southern regional cuisine places. Will be staying in Midtown by the Fox Theater and will not have a car, but am fine with taking MARTA and the bus as long as the area's safe to walk around.

1. Yeah, I'm going to try the Varsity once -- will stick to chili/slaw dogs, onion rings, a frosted orange, and maybe a fried peach pie.

2. for Southern regional, am considering at least two of Mary Mac's Tea Room, The Colonnade, and Thelma's Kitchen, all of which seem to be well liked on this board. Am seeing mixed things about Horseradish Grill and Flying Biscuit here.

3. looks like Cafe Sunflower is good for vegetarian dishes, Fat Matt's for BBQ, and Atlanta Fish Market for seafood.

Anything else that's a must?


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  1. Chef Shane Touhy has recently opened Dogwood at 565 Peachtree Street NE serving New South. Haven't been but great buzz, and not far at all from where you'll be. Recently featured in the current Georgia Trend. That's the next place downtown I wanna try.

    Lots of folks like the dogs at the V, but I think a couple of the cheeseburger made with pimiento cheese is pretty d@mned south and can't be beat. The O Rings are of course de rigueur. Bon appetite!

    My friends and I always went to the Colonnade for our Southern Fried Chicken fix. Good food at a reasonable price. Great bar with WWII naval paintings. You will never see so many blue hairs in one place unless you have a gerontology practice in South Florida.

    Atlanta Fish Market was excellent the one time I ate there. They do up a fantastic raw bar sampler thing that is magnificent, assuming you like that sort of thing. I notice the original Pleasant Peasant is pretty close to where you'll be. At one time, those folks practically defined fine dining in Atlanta. I never had a bad meal at any of their restaurants.

    1. take marta to the decatur station. downtown decatur is a nice walking area with lots of shops and restaurants to pick from. the brick store pub is a reliable choice for good bar food, and leon's full service gastropub is getting a lot of attention these days (i think they have the same owners). taqueria del sol is great for inexpensive tacos and brisk service. a new steakhouse has opened recently, but i can't remember the name.

      oh, and as a native of atlanta who was raised on the varsity, i still get cravings for french fries and chocolate milkshakes. it's not what it used to be, but every once in awhile, it hits the spot. have a good trip!

      1. Fat Matt's not so much. It's okay but not really that good. Fox Bros is great. Rolling Bones is also very good!
        La Pietra Cucina is great the two times I tried. You might want to give it a try.
        Have fun while you are here. Let us know how it turned out!