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Feb 22, 2009 12:09 PM

Grissini's in Kennebunkport, ME

Last evening, Saturday, my husband and I were joined by another couple for dinner at Grissini's in Kennebunkport. I had eaten there a couple of years ago, did not have a good experience, but have gone back with other couples and had what I would describe as a decent, not great meal.

I love the room, nice atmosphere, and it's very pleasant to be seated by the large fireplace on a cold winter's night. That being said, I have to tell you my experience of last evening. We had a 7:00pm reservation and were seated within five minutes; we had a pleasant waitress and ordered our drinks. Our meals were three roasted pear salads, one cup of the sausage soup. Our entrees were one roasted salmon, one pasta bolognese and two orders of gnocchi.

Our salads were good but not great; not much of a roasted pear flavor, small amount of greens and a tiny sliver of goat cheese. The dressing was almost non-existent. My entree was the salmon, which was grilled and placed on mashed potatoes--good, decent entree. My husband's bolognese, was a very small portion, very little bolognese, and just okay in his estimation. The worse of all was the serving of gnocchi. The very large, soup bowl contained five, yes five gnocchi. When placed on the table the two people who ordered the gnocchi were staring at their dinner in disbelief...is that it...was all that could be said.

The waitress was called to the table and she confirmed that that was the serving size but immediately offered to provide more...another server arrived with two additional gnocchi, yes two--one for each entree on the table.

This dish was not described as an appetizer, nor as a first plate and the cost was $22.00 per entree. We were all very disappointed. Gnocchi have to be one of the least expensive ingredients to assemble.

After dinner we called our dissatisfaction to the hostess/manager who said she would "take this concern under advisement." What does that mean? Just the fact that immediately two additional gnocchi were provided gave us the impression that people have similar complaints previously about this entree.

We left with the feeling that we had been taken..we will not return again. There are far better restaurants that would provide better quality food at a fair price. We were all disappointed.

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  1. The server bringing out two gnocchi is one of the funniest, yet appalling, things I've heard in a long while. I ate there in July or August, and our food was mediocre at best. Not helping it at all was the table of ten or so thirty-something women who were screeching and laughing throughout. The "ladies" drank some kind of shots together at the end of their meal at which time they screamed and cheered each other. Their husbands sat together at a nearby table and behaved in a civilized manner.

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      Highly overated
      Can't believe they are still in business

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        It would have been funny if they wheeled the two gnoccis out on a cart .

        Had dinner there last fall...it was a B but the place was empty...and very dark...and just very typical...