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Feb 22, 2009 11:49 AM

Polish food

Can anyone recommend any Polish delis or charcuteries where I might find good pierogies , sausages, and kielbasa in the Montreal or West Island area. I'm from just north of the Montreal area, and it's impossible to find the "authentic, good stuff" around this neck of the woods.

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  1. My favourite (I am polish by the way) is Felix Mish:

    Les Aliments Felix Mish - 514-766-2094
    1903, rue Jolicoeur , Montréal , QC H4E 1X4

    He smokes his own kielbasa (a few varieties), sausages, bacon etc. He also has a lot of polish products (sauerkraut, jams, mustards etc) - he sells packi (but not homemade - either from Wawel or Rosemont, but I can't remember which), babki (I think they are fresh on Tuesdays or is it Thursdays... can't remember) both the yeast variety and piaskowe, and bread.

    To my knowledge they don't make pierogies. I actually don't know of any store that makes its own. Stash, the restaurant in Old Montreal might, but again, not sure about that.

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      Thank you so much ..... both you & another Chowhound have recommended the same place .... Felix Mish. I'll certainly give it a try. There's nothing better than getting the right info from the right people.

    2. The charcuterie I've had from Felix Mish is excellent. Haven't ever set foot in his store, however.

      Euro Deli Batory (115 St. Viateur West near St-Urbain, 514 948-2161) is great for pierogis, soups, cabbage rolls, condiments, packaged goods, etc. The cooking's home-style. Eat-in or takeout.

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        Thanks very much for the info. You're the 2nd Chowhound to recommend Felix Mish ...... and I appreciate the 2nd alternative (Euro Deli Batory). What better way to try out new things, especially when I can compare the 2 places you recommended. Again, thank you so much.

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          Where else can one get Felix Mish's meat products if not from his store?

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            From generous friends who go there. If I'm not mistaken -- and maisonbistro will surely correct me if I am -- Mish also has a stand at a west end church/cultural fair in the summer.

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              Twice a year there is a Polish Kiermasz - Bazaar (read big mess where there try to sell stuff to make money to send to poor children in Poland) - and the big money maker is the food they seel. You can eat like a king/queen for very little. They also have stands from various stores where you can purchase "charcuterie" from Mish, Chopin (not recommended polish place on Decarie near Monkland), and one other place near just off Jean Talon in the east end - the name escapes me now. There is a fall one in november and a spring one, at a date that varies.

              1. re: maisonbistro

                Ooh, sounds great! Where is this event held?

                Carswell, you lucky dog! Though I looked up Mish on a map, and if Google Maps is to be trusted, it seems to be only an 8min walk from Jolicoeur metro, not too bad and probably well worth it from all the descriptions here.

                1. re: anachemia

                  Yup- it's not far from Jolicoeur - where are you coming from? email me - - maybe we can work something out.

                  Bazaar is in a church, one block South of Queen Mary and a few blocks West of Decarie - I can't for the life of me remember it's name. WHen the event gets closer, I'll post it.

                  1. re: maisonbistro

                    I'm working in Europe and can't remember the name of the church either - indeed it is a great event for Polish foods. Check the events listing on the Montreal Gazette site - "It's a date". There are many church (and synagogue, mosque, temple, and secular association) bazaars with very good food offerings as the church ladies pitch in and also twist the arm of the merchants in their respective communities. I was at a great Coptic Egyptian one at St-Nicolas Church in my neighbourhood (Castelnau and St-Dominique, just north of Jean-Talon market). Splendid Middle Eastern foodstuffs.

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            Thank you very much. I never would have known there are so many eager, helpful people on Chowhound. Glad I signed up.