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Feb 22, 2009 11:38 AM

Pancake day!

So it's pancake day Tuesday, and regulars might know I have some new maple syrup to try out. Donna has just said that she'd like a meat and cheese pancake. I could go the crepe way, but also I could make a spanish omelette, with potato etc. And Instead of the usual blueberries, she suggested strawberries, and then (better I think) cherries. Anyone have that? Does it go?

And who thinks it's worth me getting a fourth bag of flour (buckweat)? We have pancakes once or twice a month.

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  1. Get the buckwheat - it keeps. You can always buy some caviar and make blinis with it.

    We're doing pancakes Tuesday night. I got lots of good suggestions from chowhounders - it's so hard to narrow it down to just three types.

    1. Soop

      This time of year, strawberries are going to be imported and tasteless. If herself insists on them in her pancake, cook them down to a rough puree, mixing in some of your syrup to sweeten and some sweet booze (creme de cassis for preference).

      Make up several standard pancakes (European not American). Put the first one on a baking sheet, then a little puree, another pancake, more puree - so you've got something like a multi-layer cake. Cover with foil and warm through in the oven. Serve it in slices - more syrup on top and ice cream.

      It'll work - but trust me, it'll be loads nicer using an apple puree at this time of year.


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        Ok, thanks - I think we're leaning towards cherries anyway, and ham and cheese crepes for mains. Personally I don't think we'll have a whole lot of room for lots of pancakes O__O

        I still think I'll do american style for desert, even if whisking those egg whites canes my arm