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Feb 22, 2009 11:24 AM

New STeaK House Hyannis, MA

We tried the new STeaK House on North St in Hyannis Friday night. We went with 3 other couples who ate there on Thurs night also. I think the place just opened this week. The deal was 2 for 1!!

We all had TBone steaks with sides. Must say that all 8 steaks were homeruns. Some of the best steaks we had on the cape in years. Our bill for the night was 110.00 with 4 beers and 2 desserts.

The place was mobbed. I quess a 2 for 1 will do that. However, the steaks are worth the full price on the menu. The prices on the menu look to be very fair.

Look forward to our next visit.

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  1. Thanks for the review! The only thing I have read about them was on another board and they were slammed for lousy food and worse service. Was hoping to hear another side as the Cape could use a decent steak joint.

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      Your right. The Cape could use a decent steak joint. The food was quite good and as busy as they were, the service was good. Hope our visit was not abnormal.