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Feb 22, 2009 10:48 AM

DC Hound in Search of Local Fav's.

Headed back to your fabulous city for the 2nd weekend of Jazz Fest. We've done Emerill's, NOLAs, Commander's Palace, Brennan's, etc., on previous trips. More interested this time around on smaller, less touristy restaurants. Looking for newer places with creative chefs, or tried and true neighbord secrets. Just want great food - nothing stuffy or froo-froo.

Love cajun food and oysters, so both are high on the list. One night will likely be Cochon's, which we've read alot about. But are in need of two other dinner spots (that take reservations). We're staying just off Canal, but enjoy the area along Frenchmen Street for it's neighborhood clubs. So bonus points for recommendations that have great bars and live music nearby that we can wander to after dinner...

P.S. read about Lola's recently. Is it worth one of our 3 dinners? Also, a recent post mentioned Luke, Cafe Minh, Patois, Iris, and Martinique these fit our bill?


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  1. For something eclectic and good and near live music I highly recommend Jacques-Imo. In order to make reservations you need to have a party of at least 5. A couple doors down is the Maple of the top spots in New Orleans for live food. If you go to JI be sure to get the shimp and alligator sausage's fantastic.

    And yes, Lola is very worth the trip....the best lamb chops!

    1. "Also, a recent post mentioned Luke, Cafe Minh, Patois, Iris, and Martinique these fit our bill?"
      these are the places I always recommend.

      during the weekends of Jazz Fest, there are many concerts after hours, so be sure to check who is playing where. you may or may not be able to still get tickets or admittance to these clubs.

      in the area of Frenchmen, you can check out Marigny Brasserie and Praline Connection.

      in the Uptown/Riverbend area, check out Boucherie and Squeal.

      are you renting a car or relying on cabs?

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        Have been to Praline Connection. So will check out your other recommendations. Thank you.

        Weren't planning on renting a car, but could. Would you recommend it vs. counting on cabs?

        1. re: Meg

          I would definately recommend renting a car during jazz fest. Cabs can be very unreliable and there are a lot of people in town for jazz fest. As far as restaurants close to live music; there is live music everywhere so pick a restaurant and see what is close. Tipitinas always has the "instruments a comming" show on saturday which is fantastic. I imagine that the purple truck (chef Nathan from boucherie) will be parked outside which is always wonderful for late night munchies. The streetcar is also a nice way to get back down town from uptown spots and the canal line should take you back to where you are staying.

        2. re: edible complex

          Lots of delicious sounding French and American. But other than Praline Connection, Cochon and Jacques-Imo (which doesn't take reservations), where are the cajun and creole places?