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Feb 22, 2009 10:01 AM

table service at Museo du upsell?

So I was in Madrid at the famous ham tapas place, Museo du Jamon. I wanted to get a bocadillo du Jamon, a ham sandwich. The clerk indicated to come back at 1pm to get one. So I did, and when I faced the same clerk, he pointed upstairs, indicating I should get table service. But I didn't want to do that, instead preferring to stand and take in the scene as I had my sandwich. Question is this: was the guy trying to upsell and have me incur a sit-down charge, or just suggesting a more pleasant way to dine? I wasn't sure whether sitting down at a table in Spain costs more or not vs standing, specifically at this place...does anyone know?

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  1. It sort of depends on the place and the time when you are eating... But, yes, you probably would have have paid a bit more for the sandwich at a table than at the bar. That said, tables in the restaurant are usually for those who are eating a full sit-down meal, whereas tables and the counter in the bar area are for snacks, sandwiches, and lighter items--so there may have been some kind of misunderstanding when he directed you to the "comedor" (dining room).

    1. We similarly got shunted to an upstairs dining room when I was just looking to get a plate of jamon iberico de bellota at the Museo del Jamon on Calle Mayor, even as we tried to seat ourselves at one of the casual area tables downstairs. It was near-deserted and the experience was only made more pleasant by the fact that the cleaning people were literally mopping under our feet as we ate. The wafting smells of cleaning chemicals did little to enhance the enyoyment of some over-dry, surprisingly unflavorful bellota (assuming they actually gave me what I ordered). I have never had mediocre bellota before. I wouldn't be remotely surprised if there were an upcharge as well. We were there at an off-hour so I don't think there would have been any expectation we were there for a full meal.

      Needless to say, my experience has not made me a big Musel del Jamon fan.

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        I remember walking by this place just about every day when I briefly lived in Madrid 6 years ago. The place looked to me like a tourist trap, and I never bothered to go in. This thread makes me have no regrets.