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Feb 22, 2009 09:34 AM

German food in St. Louis?

With the rich German heritage that st, Louis has, where is all of the German food? There used to be a couple of not bad restos and the one I'm thinking of was down on Michigan in sort of a rough neighborhood in south city. The last time I was there, it was in the 60s and I was entertaining my brother-in-law from Atlanta. On the weekends, that oompa band from Colombia, Ill. would come over and play. The idea was to eat a good meal, get half full of beer and form a conga line going out of the door and down the street. Yeah, we were young and stupid, but it sure was a lot of fun and I do remember the food being quite good.

Anyhow, where in the hell is all of the sauerbraten and kraut??????????

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  1. I like the Gast Haus on Chouteau.

    1. Surprisingly, it's fairly slim pickings for you lovers of things Deutsch, but you can get an okay German meal at a place with the unlikely name of Dreamland Palace in Waterloo, Illinois.

      Dreamland Palace Ltd
      3043 State Route 156, Waterloo, IL 62298

      1. If you are in the mood for schnitzel and spatzle try Iron Barley.

        1. OK, haven't been there in decades, it has been revamped and remodeled, and I'm not vouching for it -- What about Schneithorst's?

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            Schneihorsts decided that the corner of Clayton and Lindbergh was far too valuable, so they knocked down most of the restaurant and turned it into a strip mall. The tavern part is still intact as is the upstairs patio. They serve a limited menu but I think all the German specialties are gone from the menu.

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              Yeah, the last time that I went, I remember the menu being a burger and toasted ravioli kind of setup.

          2. Right across the big creek in Mascoutah, IL is a spot for you called RoemerTopf. They've been open for about 2 years now I believe and my sources tell me the food is good albeit a bit expensive.

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              Roemer Topf food is good. It is located in the clubhouse for a golf course, so it is mercifully free of German kitsch such as cuckoo clocks. The location makes it a little bit hard to find, but it is worth it. I ate there with two people who used to live in Germany; we all enjoyed it.