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Feb 22, 2009 08:45 AM

Georgetown Cupcakes

Just wanted it t make it known that this cupcake-jaded New Yorker's faith in cupcakes was ignited again after a 30 minute wait ( worth very freezing second) at Georgetown Cupcakes. They were the best cupcakes I have ever had. Kicked Magnolia's Cupcakes in the a**! Red Velvet was sold out, but the peanut butter was a thing of beauty- so tender and light. Extremely impressed. Also liked that after 30 minutes they don't sell cupcakes that have been sitting out- guarantees a very fresh product! Kudos to the owners!

KeyLime, carrot, chocolate and vanilla were also sublime.

Lisa Antinore

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  1. We purchased a few dozen for my SIL's baby shower; everyone loved them. I took a few back to Princeton so my husband too could gush over them and share with his officemates (the local cupcake shop is disappointing).

    Georgetown Cupcake
    1209 Potomac St NW, Washington, DC

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      Georgetown Cupcake's coconut is my favorite!

    2. I am not a big fan of cup cakes (sweet is for my dry rub and BBQ sauce) but I would have been if they were always like this place.

      Milk is not needed - two YUMS up!

      Coconut and the Red Velvet for me please.

      1. We've been to numerous cupcake places in New York, Philly, Baltimore, and DC. In fact, last year we spent a long weekend in Manhattan and Brooklyn, just touring one cupcake place after another (w/ croissants and pizza in between, of course). Being from Baltimore, and a devout DC-hater, it pains me to admit that Georgetown Cupcake is the best cupcake shop I have visited so far. The ingredients, the technique, the proportions - even on the flavors I don't like - everything is executed extremely well.

        In New York, you can do better than Magnolia's. Our current favorite is Sugar Sweet Sunshine. Beware their "standard" chocolate frosting has almond flavor. For regular chocolate buttercream, you have to order a day in advance. Tonnie's Minis is pretty good, too.

        1. Does anyone know what decorating tip they use to frost their cupcakes, it looks like an open round but what number (as in 1M Wilton, etc)?

          1. So what do they cost? I would say they would have to be the best cupcakes in the world given their tiny size to be worth more than a couple bucks, since on an ounce for ounce basis, at that price a cake would cost $100.
            Like all too many bakeries, their website menu does not even list the prices! How arrogant is that? (It's a CUPCAKE for gosh sakes, I don't care if they are on TV!)
            Reminds me of that French baker at the DuPont Circle Market - no prices listed, but they line up for a block to buy whatever at whatever price they will be charged. So DC.

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