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Daytona Beach for Birthday

My boyfriend and I will be in Daytona Beach over his birthday (we're from philadelphia). I was wondering if anyone knew of a nice restaurant in the area (within a half hour drive of daytona). His birthday is on weekday, and I'm looking for something in the 100 dollar range for the two of us, including drinks. We're always looking to be adventurous and try new types of food. But old stand bys, like italian, are great too! Thanks in advance!

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  1. You know, this is under your price range, including copious amounts of awesome margaritas, but I highly recommend La Fiesta, a Mexican place in Port Orange, at the intersection of Dunlawton Avenue and Nova Road. It's perfect for a celebration, because the food is stellar, the service is extremely warm and friendly, and we always leave there full, drunk and happy. (About the drunk part: Their house margaritas are juicy, strong and humongous. Get a cab or a DD, because POPD does not mess around with DUIs. Not that you should drive drunk anywhere, but it's one of *those* cities.)

    Bonus: If it's a Wednesday, they have a mariachi band. Normally a wait on Fridays but OK other times.

    If you don't feel like Mexican, try Fresh on U.S. 1, half a mile north of Beville Road: http://freshatasteofitaly.com/. Very relaxed but fun place.

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      If you are looking for sushi or hibachi anytime throughout the weekend, please try Edamame. The sushi is very good and fresh! About a 10 minute drive from the beach.

    2. The restaurant with the rep when I was growing up there was La Crepe en Haut (sp?), in Ormond Beach- 10 to 15 minutes north of DB on Granada off of A1A. Don't know if it's still there or still regarded as highly but maybe some other posters can chime in.

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        A nice little place west of daytona called Gene's Steak House. It's on hwy 92 about 2 miles past the race track.

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          Wow is Gene's still there? Talk about a great steak. Very old school even 20 years ago but a good steak.

      2. Try Spanish River Grille in New Smyrna Beach. It might be a bit over your $100 range but it should be worh it.

        1. I personally haven't eaten here but my parents have enjoyed there meals at The Cellar Restaurant(http://www.thecellarrestaurant.com/).

          1. I would not got to the mexican place in Port Orange. While the food is good, i think it's way to casual if your looking to spend $100. There is a Hyde Park Steak house in the Hilton htoel on the beach that is good. The Cellar the poster mentioned is good. The food choices are somewhat limited.

            1. When you are not eating out fancy, maybe for lunch or something, try boondocks, like fifteen twenty minutes south of daytona beach. The food is great, it is right on the halifax river and it is a hidden gem.A local clued us into it. it is very casual, eating on picnic tables and like paper plates and stuff, really cheap though. Cheap crab clusters, like 2 pounds for like 16$, really good wings, and good fresh motz/ tomato salad, also really good fresh fish served on pasta with white wine butter sauce and brocolli, a huge portion and at lunch only like 8$-9$. http://www.discoverdaytona.com/beachs... here's a tip though, seriously, map it out because you driving south on the main beach road and your just in this residential neighborhood and then you turn right on this nowhere residential road so pay attention how far you've gone or you will never find the place. We pass it all the time. But I will say, we are like 30 and everyone else there is like 50-60-70. I don't know. Also I don't think they have any hard liquor, only beer, wine and wine cooler type stuff.

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                We love Boondocks. It's a great place to get fresh seafood and we like to take our out of town guests from up north there in the winter months, especially.

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                  New Smyrna is just south of Daytona and has a couple of great places. The Garlic is my favorite followed by Flip Flops. Supposedly Flip Flops is run by the chef that won hells kitchen. Getting rave reviews right now. Ronin on international speedway blvd. has great sushi. +1 for La Crape in ormond. Still there, still good. Also +1 for Boondocks, they have an amazing Grouper reuben. Come to think of it, I think I'm gonna have to go get one for lunch. Cheers!

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                    the chef who won hells kitchen used to work there, but he is currently in Atlantic City running a restaurant in the Borgotta Hotel

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                        Looking forward to trying Boondocks. In my opinion, La Crape in overpriced and overrated-by New York standards. I agree with Flip flops, and Spanish River. If you like salty food, go for the Garlic. Flip Flops is graat food and good fun. Also try That's Amore!! owners of Dolce vita openedi t last weekend. bon Appetite!

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                          Went to Boondocks. Firstly, not a full bar. Secondly the staff was friendly, lousy food.