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Feb 22, 2009 08:29 AM

London - Wodka Restaurant nr Cromwell Rd

We ran across this Polish/Eastern European restaurant today but had other plans. Tommorow is our last day in London and Wodka is closed for lunch but open for dinner. Anyone have experience with this one? Since tomorrow will be packup night I want to stay close to Marriott on Cromwell road and The Suitcases. :(

Otherwise, while Yas on KensHighSt seemed the most popular when I walked by, is it the best Persian on that street?

We're trying to try a different nationality each day and so far so good! tia for all the good advice on these boards.

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  1. I've not been to Yas, but Mohsen on Warwick Road is pretty much the top choice for people on here for Iranian food. It's quite close by, it's the road that leads to the large Tesco on Cromwell Road. Mahdi in Hammersmith is also good but perhaps a bit far in this case.

    I think the only thing Yas has on Mohsen is that it is open very, very late.

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    1. re: Ibrahim.Salha

      Thanks Ibrahim. I believe I saw that one also because I know I saw Warwick!

    2. avoid wodka! its awful.

      yes, by all means walk over to mohsen on warwick road (its opp the home base) as ibrahim suggests.

      if you don't mind spending a bit, try otto e mezzo on thackeray street (about a 100 yards away from wodka) for what can at times be excellent italian.

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      1. re: howler

        Thanks howler. I think we need to plan the next trip Now! since I spent the day museuming -Wallace Collection with a Darjeeling there to rest my feet before heading out to the British Museum. We had a quick bit at Patissiere Delice (?) off Cromwell Rd before heading out. Dinner tonight has been leftover porkbelly and noodles from #10 on Hogarth Place. dh finished his dinner so he's having some Sainsbury bhajis while we pack. ;-)

        Shame Wodka isn't's so pretty. (shallow I know...)

        1. re: cookingmylife

          the whole area around wodka is beautiful - trust me, i live there. its called the victoria road conservation area and the roads are designed to keep out any through traffic; you only drive there if its your destination.

          at the end of victoria road is a beautiful church with a garden thats open to the public - its a lovely spot to spend long summer evenings.

          try the launceston place restaurant for lunch next time you're here and then walk over to the garden.