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Feb 22, 2009 07:51 AM

Vegetarian uses for stuffing?

So, I'm going to be a recipe tester for Cook's Country, and the first recipe they sent me is for a cornbread stuffing. I'm vegetarian so I'm not going to make a bird to use the stuffing with, and this recipe looks like it makes quite a bit of stuffing. What other uses are there for it, once I've made it?

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  1. Stuffed in hard squashes and baked, wrapped in greens (lettuce, cabbage, kale) and steamed, as a main course served with spicy beans. I'd add some nuts, possibly dried fruit and spices and maybe firm tofu.

    1. There's also something called stuffing balls. It's just stuffing formed into balls and baked, usually with broth, sometimes with a can of condensed soup (but you could make a white sauce). Served as a side.

      Stuffed peppers, zucchini, or portabello mushrooms.

      Let us know how the testing biz goes. How many times do you have to make the recipe, what questions they want you to answer, etc. Sounds like fun!

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        The stuffing balls sounds good -- I will definitely be trying that! I'm not sure yet how often I'll get a recipe to test (or how often I'll actually be able to participate, since I don't eat meat). They sent me the survey already but I'm not allowed to look at it until after I've prepared the recipe, so I will let you know!

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          It sounds like fun!

          You can use the stuffing to stuff hollowed out eggplants. Or just bake it in a casserole dish and eat it with grilled tofu.

      2. Use it to stuff an artichoke! We eat this all the time in New Orleans.

        Also, any kind of squash - hard or soft, eggplant, zuchhini, yellow squash.

        We also use mirliton with a bread stuffing similar to this (altho we use bread crumbs - regular stuffing would be totally fine). If you don't know the word mirliton, then chayote is another name for it. They are wonderful. Saute some onions, garlic, celery, bell pepper in butter or olive oil. Take the mirlitons which you have boiled til tender & peel only if necessary (if skin is tough) & chop. Mix with the sauteed vegetables and render out some of the water from the mirliton. Add to the stuffing you've made and bake. Delicious!