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Feb 22, 2009 07:45 AM

Best deli in/around Hartsdale?

Any opinions on the best deli in or around the Hartsdale area? Mainly looking for great sandwiches. Thanks!

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  1. Down Central Park Ave into White Plains but not far from Hartsdale - Dante's. It's an Italian deli. Service can be slow but very good panini's.

    1. On Central Ave in White Plains, near the McDonalds there is/was a kosher deli.

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        That's Epsteins. Not so good. When we ate there the rye bread was lacking, thin, wimpy, no substance. If a Jewish/Kosher deli doesn't care about its rye bread you can't expect much from the rest of the food and the rest of the food was mediocre at best. We did try the Epstein's in Yonkers once and the bread was definitely better even though I'd imagine they source their rye from the same vendor and can't explain the difference.

        For up here, Kisco Kosher in White Plains is the best Jewish deli, the often cranky owner notwithstanding.

        When we

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          Any other suggestions for non-Kosher delis? We tried Epstein's on a whim today and agree with laylag, nothing special. I am intrigued by Dante's though...

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            try the bagel place accross the hartsdale train station on e hartsdale ave.....good /varied selections of sandwiches.....i like the tuna melt.

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              There are no good kosher delis anymore. Epsteins was great back in the day. Mt. Kisco Kosher - I work across the street and went for brisket recently. It had no taste.

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                I have to agree. Most recent takeout from there a few months ago wasn't very good - sandwiches were okay but have to say we had some of the absolute worst chicken soup and matzoh balls. Soup like water, matzoh balls were totally bland, no flavor at all, a sickly white in color and almost mushy. Yick. It was so bad that many, many months later our nine year old still mentions how bad it was.

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              Also in WP is Royal near the old Federal Court House complex on Post Road.

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                Royal Scarlet is good and inexpensive. Dantes is good and a bit more expensive. Hartsdale Cheesery makes decent sandwichs? Haven't been there in years though...I wiould take the extra time and head to MELT in White Plains. Can't beat the quality or the prices

          2. Dante's deli is by far the best deli around. They have many interesting sandwiches, wraps, paninis, pastas (such as pumpkin ravoli) and hot dishes. It has the BEST Eggplant parm around. I no longer work or live in the area but I travel there regularly to buy the eggplant parm and chicken cutlets - paper thin and deliciously seasoned. And the people who work there are wonderful! They now have a website:

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              i used to go to dantes, stopped years ago, after the owner had a melt down on a few customers and it wasnt egg parm sandwich worth getting when a nut job is running the thanks

            2. Bagels & More is your best bet in Hartsdale.
              Other posters are too kind about Epstein's; it is truly awful.
              If you're mobile, try Lange's on Spencer Place, Giannoni's on Garth Road, and Mueller's on Garth Road, all in Scarsdale.