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Quincy favorites?

Lived in Quicy for about a year now and still haven't found that "favorite" place where you can go often and not get sick or broke eating. Suggestions?

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  1. any preference for your favorite type of food?

    there are certainly plenty of inexpensive asian restaurants in quincy: you can get pho at pho yuen dong or pho hoa for about $8. quincy dynasty has good chinese food. and, of course, little q for hot pot.

    kagawa in quincy center has consistently great sushi. in addition, the service is always good and their prices reasonable.

    gennaro's has very good, inexpensive italian. fat cat is a pricier but their food is solid and you can usually get a well-made drink (which can be frustratingly difficult in quincy).

    if you venture over to dorchester, check out the common ground or ashmont grill.

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      I agree about Quincy Dynasty. Is Kagawa still open? Looked recently I didn't spot it.

      A place with very nice food- but few seats and early hours - is next to the Quincy Center T, on the path from Hancock, I think called Good'n Fresh (not to be confused w/ another place around the corner right on Hancock, I think called Eatin' Healthy, which is ok but didn't draw me back).

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        I agree about Quincy Dynasty. Try the green mussels, the duck in plum sauce...Is Kagawa still open? Looked recently I didn't spot it.

        A place with very nice food- but few seats and early hours - is next to the Quincy Center T, on the path from Hancock, I think called Good'n Fresh (not to be confused w/ another place around the corner right on Hancock, I think called Eatin' Healthy, which is ok but didn't draw me back).

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          I believe you are thinking of Get Fresh Rotisserie and Grill. Julie, the owner, used to be the chef at Fava in Needham. She is very nice and a fabulous cook.

      2. Lately I've been going to Fuji on Hancock street. Good sushi, reasonable prices, good service. I've been going to the 1546 Fuji on Hancock, at least I think it's 1546, or 15 something, essentially downtown near Albas. For American type cuisine Bay Point Inn is pretty good. Nothing fancy, but the food is good and the price reasonable. Portions are also generous.

        1. What do you like to eat? That's my first question. However, I'll give you some favorites of mine:

          Gennaro's--excellent Italian-American with no pretensions of anything fancy. Huge portions, fair prices, good service. They have great pizza/calzones, if you like that.

          Fat Cat--just went there again last night for dinner. Excellent food, reasonable prices. One of the best hamburgers I've had in a long time, and one of the only places around here that will serve it to me the way I like it...cold and red inside.

          Siam House--it's a bit threadbare inside, but the food is excellent. The Pad Thai, Drunken Noodles, the Seasame Chicken are all my favorites.

          Grumpy Whites-A local "hole in the wall" with cheap prices and good basic comfort food (meatloaf, lasagna, burgers, fish and chips, mac and cheese).

          Coop's Bar and Grill--Slightly upscale pub food, excellent quality and a very pleasant atmosphere.

          Kagawa-Very good Japanese. Yes, it's still open.

          Punjab Cafe--Good Indian, reasonable prices

          Also, this has been discussed before. I don't think the thread is that old, so most of the places are still in business. Just do a search on "Quincy" on the board here.

          1. Some of my favorites (Quincy Dynasty, Fat Cat) have already been mentioned. Fat Cat in particular is good for sandwiches - the pulled pork with fries is $7 or $8, and I can take half the sandwich home. I'll add Little Duck Thai just outside of Quincy Center on Granite Street and Schoolhouse Pizza at the corner of Hancock and School Street.

            If you're in northwest Quincy, A Lighter Fare in East Milton Square serves a nice breakfast and lunch.

            1. jnj turo turo filipino cuisine
              taste of taiwan
              little q hot pot
              pho yuen dong
              ba le banh mi
              prepared foods counter at kam man market
              falafel king

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                What about the Hong Kong noodle place on Billings Rd.?

              2. I'd put Genarro's up there for Italian with anything south of Boston. I used to to make deliveries to them and Jerry (I think that's his name) would be making everything from scratch in the morning. Huge portions, with incredibly reasonable prices.

                Fuji in Wollaston. Great great sushi. I work in the seafood business and I know who they buy their seafood from.

                Grumpy White's - Some of the best pub food around. Loads of butter on toasted bread. mmmmmmmm

                My wife's favorite spanish place. Not my cup of tea. La Paloma.

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                1. re: Richard Hurts

                  Never been a big fan of La Palaoma.I prefer El Sarape heads and shoulders above it. It's not in Quincy, but right down the road in Weymouth Landing.

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                    I like La Paloma, but mostly just because they are friendly and offer a decent vegetarian selection.

                    1. re: MarsGirl

                      I like La Paloma also. But I suggest that you stick to the free chips and salsa to start (they go very well with the excellent margaritas) and then have enchilladas. The folks are very friendly too.

                  2. I am very fond of Hong Kong Eatery.

                    1. Lots of good suggestions given here.....my personal favorites in Quincy are probably the following:

                      Tony's Clam Shop (Wally Beach)
                      Cronin's (near the shipyard)
                      Little Q Hot Pot (Quincy Center)
                      Wheelhouse Diner (North Quincy)

                      Out of all those, I'd probably give the nod to Little Q....

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                      1. re: hiddenboston

                        Unfortunately, if you want to try Little Q, you'd better hurry. It's about to shut down. I was reading last week's Quincy Sun, and the city has condemned the building it's in. The article also said that as of now, they haven't found a place to relocate in Quincy, and their equipment may need to be put in storage.

                        1. re: mwk

                          Damn. I was talking to them a few weeks ago and they thought that the earliest they'd be leaving that spot would be the end of 2009, if at all. That stinks--I hope they can find another spot soon.

                          1. re: hiddenboston

                            The sushi place that used to be in the food court outside Little Q closed a couple of summers ago. Steve the sushi chef there said that the building was going to be seized by eminent domain? I don't think that place has found somewhere to reopen either, which makes me REALLY sad because they were the best. The Holy Ground on the other side of the street was also seized by eminent domain, as was the building the framers shop used to be in. I think there's going to be some construction there before too long -- dunno what's going in though.

                        2. re: hiddenboston

                          I 2nd Wheelhouse Diner. Very friendly staff and reasonable prices. The grill is right behind the counter, so you can watch them make your food which is something I enjoy. I love sitting at the counter there. I meet all kinds of interesting people.

                          1. re: MarsGirl

                            Defintely go to the Wheelhouse for breakfast. Their corned beef hash is among the best I've had. It turned me into somewhat of a snob, so much so that I sent back hash from 2 other breakfast places.

                            Also, I like Fat Cat, but the problem is I went there about 4 times within a month with great experiences, then they changed the menu and the last few times I went there I was unimpressed.

                            I actually prefer La Paloma to El Serape. It could just be that I found 2 dishes from La Paloma that I love and just haven't found the same type of draw to any dish at El Serape.

                            I would stay far away from Fishbones

                        3. Well, you could try Captain Fishbones at Marina Bay. I was there last night and they had a fairly large selection of 99 cent appetizers. Fried clams were good as well.

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                          1. re: Pegmeister

                            The few times I have been, other than for breakfast in the summer, I have been disappointed What do you recommend?

                            1. re: pasta

                              Never been for breakfast, so can't comment there. I find it to be a nice after work place. They do well with any of the fried seafood. The onion rings and fried clams are quite good, and I've had some nice lobster rolls there. I noticed the other night that they have baked stuffed lobster on the menu, so I may go back and give it a try. As for the 99 cent specials, how can you beat it. They have a fair assortment and the buffalo chicken fingers as well as the chicken wings are good. I wouldn't consider it a destination, but since it's just a few minutes from my house, with beautiful views, for me it's a good place to wind down. I'v e been thinking about trying Skyline, but haven't heard much of anything positive about it. I also like Siros.

                              1. re: Pegmeister

                                The breakfast fare is fine but its sitting outside on a summrr morning that makes it enjoyable.
                                I will have to try it as an after work option as you suggest.
                                Do not go to Skyline. I can't beleive that place is still in business. We stopped going there when the new owners took over, as they expanded menu and lowered the quality of the food. It still seems to be packed in the summer, but that is due to its water location. I can't imagine anyone driving inland for this food!
                                A few weeks ago, a friend asked to meet her there as she was going with a group after work for drinks. Its still awful. In addition to the poor qulaity food and the fruit flys, the place itself is run down with dirty carpets, and peeling paint.
                                It was depressing. Too bad, back in the day when this was Amelias it was a great place to go.
                                We have really been enjoying Siros this winter. Great service at the bar, along with a new bar menu and a $19 3 course prix fix.

                          2. Pho Hoa (409 Hancock Street at Billings Road) has wonderful pho and other Vietnamese food.
                            Also well worth trying is Punjab Cafe (653 Southern Artery) for surprisingly good North Indian food.
                            Finally, the lunch buffets at Qunicy Dynasty (49 Billings Road) are a real bargain and have very good Chinese food.

                            1. East Chinatown is has pretty decent authentic Chinese food.
                              It's located on Hancock Street.

                              1. FAT CAT is my favorite so far. Great food and cocktails and VERY friendly service. Reasonable prices.

                                ALBA. A bit more upscale, but the food that I've had has been good as has been the service, particularly at their huge bar.

                                Everything that I've had at PHO HOA has been excellent, particularly the pho.

                                Little Duck Thai is pretty good, IMO, not great. Cheap, though.

                                Hong Kong Eatery is also pretty good.

                                The felafel place on Hancock Street which I am spacing out now is good.

                                I admit to going to Quincy Dynasty a lot because I am lazy, not because I think the food is that spectacular. It's fine. Good people watching at lunch.

                                Personally, I find LaPaloma pretty horrible. I have been served a few ghastly things there and won't go back. Someone posted somewhere that they thought they served food from the Stop and Shop's freezer section.

                                1. Nobody has mentioned The Jury Room - I have seen that on either TV Diner or Phantom Gourmet - can't remember which. Any feedback? Thanks for the suggestions so far...

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                                    I think Fat Cat is better than the Jury Room and they're almost across from each other. Jury Room started off strong with some nice flatbread pizzas, and great ribs, but they changed the menu. They've also cut back on their hours, and are no longer open on Sunday or Monday or lunch for that matter, so I tend to forget about it. It definitely has potential, but they've started to slack. The last time I was in, I ordered the seafood ravioli with spinach in a garlic cream sauce topped with clams. Well, when it was served they told me they were out of clams and half of the raviolis were actually spinach raviolis so the description on the menu was not accurate. I also think they should have told me they were out of the clams before serving it.

                                    1. re: Pegmeister

                                      That's disappointing. I had planned to go last Sunday and then found out that it was closed. If we try it, I will make sure to post an update to let everyone know how it is.

                                      1. re: FeastNut2008

                                        I cannot recommend East Chinatown/Grand Chinatown enough- they are amazing. Same owners, same menu, 20 ft. away from one another. Go for their seafood- steamed fish, ginger scallion crab, boiled shrimp- it's all amazing. And the Grand is open until around 12:30 every night!

                                        1. re: BigBrother

                                          I had a less than great experience at the new Grand Chinatown and bottomline, I much prefer the food at Quincy Dynasty. The service is also much better at QD. We ordered the crab rangoon (barely any filling, it was bland and not very flavorful), the beef with scallions that was fairly flavorless, the sauteed pea shoots that were excellent and a crispy noodle dish that also was rather bland. I think the flavors are much better at Quincy Dynasty - also, we were ignored for the most part at Grand Chinatown by the servers who all sat together at a big table and chatted the entire time we were in there.

                                          1. re: bostongal

                                            That is because you didn't get anything representative of their cuisine- did you not *see* the number of aquariums in the restaurant?? ;)

                                            Crab rangoon? Come on. No, GC/EC does not make Americanized Chinese very well. As I put in my original posting, go for the seafood. It's amazing. Getting the types of dishes you described is like going to a French joint for fries.

                                      2. re: Pegmeister

                                        They should have told you about the clams, and I hope you returned the meal without paying for it.

                                        I was at Fat Cat last Saturday night, around 6pm. There was a 1 hour wait for a table. When we left, we walked by Jury Room and it was half empty. I think that says it all. It probably won't be there too much longer, and everyone will say "it was the rotten economy" that killed it, or "too bad that Quincy can't support a thriving restaurant scene".

                                        Remember folks, we said it here first. :)

                                        1. re: mwk

                                          I keep trying to like Fat Cat, but just can't. Everything i've tried is Ok, but it's just Ok, not fabulous, not horrible just right in the middle. I definitely wouldn't wait an hour for a table there.

                                          1. re: jjbourgeois

                                            Well, luckily we didn't wait an hour, that was as we were leaving. However, I will say that the food I had was delicious. I very sizeable platter of steamed mussels in a spicy white wine sauce, followed by one of the best hamburgers I've had in a long time, cooked exactly to order (meaning cold and red in the middle).

                                            I'd go back again just because they will give me a hamburger the way I want to eat it.

                                      3. re: FeastNut2008

                                        Didn't realize they were still in business. They started out good, but quickly declined. The had great flatbreads, but then cheapened the ingredients. The original chef left and they've never recovered. They'll most likely close within 6 months.

                                        1. re: FeastNut2008

                                          I only went once but the service was atrocious and the food was meh. Plus the decor is jarring.

                                        2. We've actually come to like Imperial Terrace on Sea Street for good chinese food. Highly recommend it to everyone. The inside looks like the restaurant from The Christmas Story, but food is good.

                                          1. Best two places to eat in Quincy would be the Clam Box on Quincy Shore Drive (just open for the season!) and the highly esteemed (and venerable) Cathay Pacific...

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                                            1. re: TheWizard

                                              Please, Cathay Pathetic??? It's not often I strongly disagree on a recommendation, but this place has to be the one of the worst places on earth. It's dirty, the food is loaded with MSG, and the drunks from the lounge frequently spill over into the dining room. There are so many good Asian restaurants in Quincy, there is absolutely no reason to go to Cathay Pathetic. On the other hand, I totally agree with your recommendation of the Clam Box. To me, it's always the first sign that winter is about over when I see that the Clam Box is open..

                                              1. re: Pegmeister

                                                Cathay Pacific is one of the best places to eat in Quincy? Oh my. It reminds me of one of those places we used to try to go to when I was in college, because they wouldn't card and we could all get trashed on one scorpion bowl.

                                                Frankly, I don't like to eat anywhere where the food is an unnaturally-bright red color.

                                                1. re: mwk

                                                  Cathy Pacific is simply awful. I cannot think of any good reason to eat there.

                                              2. re: TheWizard

                                                Cathay Pacific? That looks like a rather scary place to me. I have a friend who will go into any restaurant/bar no matter how rough, and he said that one was a bit too dicey. I will continue to stay away from that place.

                                                By the way, I just saw the proposed plans for Quincy Center. Looks like lots and lots of changes could be coming to the restaurant scene (as well as the scene in general).


                                                1. re: hiddenboston

                                                  Thanks for this article. It has a lot more information than I've heard to date. I didn't know about the Granite Trust Building. My jeweler is in that building, I hope they don't force him out!

                                                  Lots and lots of changes...that will take lots and lots of time... I'll believe in it a lot more when I start to see it...

                                                2. re: TheWizard

                                                  I never thought I would see "highly-esteemed" and "Cathay Pacific" ever mentioned in the same sentence. Oh dear.

                                                  I like the Clam Box, but I prefer Tony's.

                                                  1. re: kobuta

                                                    I have never been but always assumed Imperial Terrace was the same as Cathay.
                                                    Anybody else besides Feastnut 2008 think its good ?

                                                    1. re: pasta

                                                      Actually, the food at Imperial Terrace is good. The place is a dive but it's great for takeout. Although these days I've been more apt to go to Chop Sticks just off Quincy Center by the Fruit Marketpace. Which by the way has incredible sandwiches.

                                                      1. re: Pegmeister

                                                        How about the place in East Milton Square....can't think of the name...maybe Mr. Changs?

                                                        1. re: pasta

                                                          I went to Mr. Changs a couple of years ago and didn't feel all that great afterwards. Lots of grease in the food I had...

                                                          1. re: hiddenboston

                                                            Mr. Changs, ugh. All the food is the same. They pour a different sauce on depending on what you order. Not worth going out of your way to visit.

                                                            1. re: jjbourgeois

                                                              Milton is in desperate need of any decent restaurant. I heard talk a few months back, that the people who run Square Cafe in Hingham , a great place by the way, were opening a restaurant in the vacant space down from Changs & Mozzarellas. I actually overheard this in a nail salon in the area, and the 2 women talking about it were business owners on the same street.

                                                          2. re: pasta

                                                            It's Mr. Chan's, who also own the Japanese and Mexican place next door (assuming they're still there; it's been a while since I drove by that direction). Can't speak much about Mr. Chan's food, except they had good wings. The only thing I ever ordered from them.

                                                          3. re: Pegmeister

                                                            If you are looking for good Chinese takeout places, rather than full restaurants, the Peking Kitchen on Hancock St. (Across from Blockbuster), is my favorite. The food is fresh and tasty, and it doesn't suffer from grease overload. They are also open until 1am, so that's good for the late night egg roll cravings.

                                                        2. re: kobuta

                                                          Hahaha. Cathay Pacific..

                                                          I've been to the Clam Box and Tony's but I still think that Burke's Seafoods on Billings has the best fried clams. Also, they have a $6.99 fish and chips everyday!

                                                        3. re: TheWizard

                                                          The Clam Box is already open? Yippee!!!

                                                          1. re: TheWizard

                                                            It's a little early for April's Fools.

                                                            1. re: TheWizard

                                                              "Highly esteemed and venerable Cathy Pacific" ????

                                                              That place is disgusting, sorry.

                                                              I agree with Pegmeister that you have a zillion better alternatives in Quincy.

                                                              1. re: C. Hamster

                                                                I'm beginning to wonder if this was one big joke. April Fools a few weeks early?

                                                            2. for my food obsession, lol).
                                                              But I will give Quincy Dynasty a good rating because of the serving portions. Their menu is in pdf format though on their website but that is the only thing I did not like about them:) Good thing they had my favorite Chinese food, cashew chicken, :)

                                                              1. Viet Subs at that place next to Jim's Hair Salon on Billings Road. I don't remember the prices, but they are usually around $5 I think and it's pretty nice to have once in a while.

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                                                                1. re: reklee

                                                                  Can someone tell me the name of the pizza place in Squantum again?

                                                                    1. re: Pegmeister

                                                                      I think that's the name of it, thanks