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Feb 22, 2009 07:03 AM

Poor student in Kansas City wants decent food!

I'm a new student in KC on a seriously tight budget. Any cheap places serving good food??

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  1. If you like Vietnamese I would suggest Hien Vuong at the river market. Don't remember the exact price but you can get a giant bowl of Pho for somewhere between five and seven bucks. I've seen some people just come in and eat spring rolls too, they are cheap and filling.
    There are a number of Vietnamese joints around the city, I'm sure most of them offer about the same prices.

    Town Topic has good old school burgers pretty cheap.

    Another burger/gyro place with good portions and good prices is Max's Burger and Gyros:

    Hope you enjoy KC.

    1. Kansas City, Kansas or Kansas City, MO? Or is location important. to you?

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        I'm in midtown KCMO, but any location in the metro area is fine. I like exploring.

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            Most of the bargains I know are in Johnson County.

            Thai Treasure Restaurant in Overland Park has 3 pages of low cost lunch specials. Many entrees come in a combination meal for $7.25 including rice, soup or salad, and appetizers of the day.

            Chapala is a great Mexican restaurant in Olathe. Many meals are available for under $5.

            Tea Garden in Olathe has a small high quality lunch buffet in a nice setting $7 including beverage and tax.

            On Wednesday and Friday, Gringo's in Olathe has a Mexican buffet for only $6.49. They also offer many complete lunches for under $5.

            Bangkok Pavilion Thai Restaurant in Overland Park has a large buffet for $8 at lunch.

            Ping's Chinese Restaurant in Olathe has many lunch specials at $4.95-5.50 including entree,, choice of soup, choice or rice, crab Rangoon and egg roll. Monday - Thursday they have many carry out complete dinners for $5.99.

        1. Check out the Mexican reataurants on Southwest Boulevard for great and cheap! Sol Azteca, Margarita's, Ponak's