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Feb 22, 2009 06:14 AM

Fiddlehead's Jamesburg NJ

I am hearing good things about this place ..The only down side is it is in Jamesburg (home of Jamesburg reformatory) and there hours of operation are limited..The food is suppose to be outstanding ? Any reviews ??

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  1. I went with clients for dinner a few weeks ago. Total of seven people so there was a goof variety of food ordered.
    Dinner was good, not great. Nothing really stood out.
    No problem going to Jamesburg, it has a nice little downtown. If you go to dinner early, stop in at Mendokers Bakery across the street and tracks from Fiddleheads and enjoys some great sweets.

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      1. Agree with tom246.
        Fiddlehead's is good.
        I have been meaning to go back and check out their dessert sushi - looks creative!

        Jamesburg is a great small town. nothing to worry about when visiting.

        Also in Jamesburg NJ
        Mendokers is wonderful
        The Chef's Table has good sandwiches

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          Chef's Table unfortunately is no more.

        2. Already learned something new today.

          Interesting article about Fiddleheads in Jamesburg and Fiddlehead season, looks like they will have a creative seasonal menu the next few weeks.

          A good reason to visit the wonderful, safe, town of Jamesburg and eat.
          In every post about Jamesburg or Monroe people speak of the Boys home, or reformatory, it is not an issue.

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            It's been ages since we've eaten at Fiddleheads, well before the current owners took over in '04. We had dinner there several times over a period of years. The food was a slight cut above average. The best item on the menu -- actually, seriously delicious -- was the smoked tomato bisque, which I notice the current owners have wisely retained (presuming it is just as good as it was under the original chef/owner).

            I've long wondered how the food stacks up with a new chef in charge of the kitchen. Looking upthread at tom246's post, it appears that the quality is about the same, i.e., good but nothing special.

          2. Had lunch today at Fiddlehead's
            Good news they were very busy!

            Unfortunately the actual Fiddlehead specials only served for dinner...
            For lunch we tried
            Kiwi Strawberry Lemonade - AMAZING! They have a different lemonade every day.
            Smoked Tomato Bisque - good
            Veggie Burger - good
            Eggplant Napoleon with Tomato Coulis - good
            Bell Pepper Quiche - good
            Salad - fresh - good
            Service very good and attentive - black pepper server was there immediately for every dish!

            Agree with previous reviews, glad I was to patron a local restaurant.