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Suggestions for Victor, Farmington NY area? (E of Rochester)

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Have to go there for a few business trips over the next couple of months, and would like to expand my colleagues' horizons beyond what can be found in the "upscale" chains at the Eastview Mall.

Would appreciate a few suggestions along the following lines:

--Good, authentic homestyle or ethnic food, any cuisine, within 5-6 miles of Victor or Farmington (food important, ambience not) and

--Someplace reasonable, not fancy, but nicer, to take a customer out to eat for lunch or early dinner -- an alternative to defaulting to P.F. Chang's or Cheesecake Factory or something. Yeah, yeah, I know... Something white-tablecloth in the area could be an alternative, too, if you have a good suggestion.

Rochester proper and Henrietta appear to be "too far", and I don't know the local area well enough, so your help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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