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Feb 21, 2009 10:06 PM

Salt Lake City Pizza

Hey folks-

Our ski group is staying in Sandy, UT next week. I've already found a good Szechuan Chinese place (Szechuan Garden,) but now I'm looking for the best delivery pizza in the area. Any suggestions?

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  1. Try The Pie Pizzaria. Probably the best pizza in Utah. The Union Park location is near Sandy.

    1. For sure the Pie... and Wasatch is good as well. There is a Cottonwood location and a Sandy/Draper location that both deliver.

      1. Wasatch Pizza has good pies with interesting toppings. They're very solid. If you're a fan of NY-style pizza, Nevole's has some wonderfully greasy pies! I'm not sure what their delivery radius is, though.

        1. Freewheeler is good, but you have to order some of the garlic rolls otherwise the experience is worthless. I second the nomination for Nevole's, and infinitely prefer it over The Pie (who, though good, goes way overboard on the cheese and not overboard enough on the sauce) but I don't think they deliver. Worth it though if you can get a ride out to Draper. If you can't, The Pie is probably the best pizza you'll get this side of the valley.