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Feb 21, 2009 09:14 PM

Omurice, Curry, Katsu-Don, Japanese Diner-type restaurant?

Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone knew any good Japanese Restaurants in Toronto that serve diner type meals like, Omurice, Curry, Katsu-don, Oyaku-don, etc. Basicly the kind of foods you'de find in small cafes around Japan.

I was watching Lunch Queen which is a Japanese drama and have been having a craving for Omurice and Curry!!! Any help at all would be fantastic, thanks!

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  1. Ematei, Manpuku, the restaurant in J-Town. etc... A lot of the Chinese/Korean-owned places do katsu, though not well... These are all fairly easy dishes to do at home if you don't find a place that tastes right. Have you had these dishes in Japan before?

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      If you make it at home do a Curry Katsu with melted cheese. So good.

    2. where about is your location? There are lots of places. Some restaourants that don;t have it for dinner sometimes have it on lunch menu, (Take sushi as an example). Downtown, Tokyo Kitchen, Tokyo Grill, Ematei, Toshi Sushi etc.... North Toronto, Inakaya, Takarabune, ........ East Zen, Kobo, Cafe Michi....... and many others....I didn't like Mampuku's curry that much , but it is cheap. There was no body is the flavour of curry. As for Katsu and other fried things It isn't hard to make at home but I personally don't make deep fried things at home because of the clean-up and smell of oil in the house.

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        Even though I don't like Ajisen Ramen.... my SO recently picked up some take out from there. It was a curry with fried shrimp and I really enjoyed the curry.

      2. Of the items you listed, only Omurice is hard to find. I've seen it at the cafe in J-town (as tjr said) and the menu of Sushi Tomato on Steeles.

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          The Taiwanese katsu-don place on Silverstar by Pacific Mall does omurice too.

          I wouldn't recommend the curry rice at ematei, it's very plain.

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            tksh, could you elaborate more on this katsu-don place? It's not the bubble-tea spot right?

            1. re: vincechan

              It was just beside Destiny but it looks like both Destiny and the kastudon place are closed for renovations now (same owners). Wonder what'll it be when it re-opens.

              On a side note, I had a curry katsudon at Ematei a few weeks and it was very average.

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                you mean Katsu curry? Curry and katsudon is are not one item. I had katsu curry a couple of weeks ago and the sauce seemed weak to me. Haven't had katsudon in a while.

                1. re: katana750

                  If katsudon is katsu on top of a bowl of rice with an egg then I meant curry katsu. My bad.

          2. re: Teep

            Soban at Yonge and Finch has omurice.. but it's like Korean style I guess. Can't say it was all that great.. but they have it.

          3. You can actually find Omurice at Ka-Chi on Bloor St. West. Albeit Korean style. It's pretty good.

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            1. re: Notorious P.I.G.

              what i wouldn't give for some of my mom's omurice right now!
              and her tonkatsu!
              and her japanese-style curry!

              all with a korean touch of course :D

              1. re: CoffeeAddict416

                What I wouldn't give for some of your mom's omurice right now!
                and her tonkatsu
                and her japanese style curry.

            2. They have average curry at Sushi Garden on Yonge north of St. Clair. Bad curry at Tokyo Kitchen

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