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Feb 21, 2009 08:29 PM

Magimix Malfunction

I decided to make some bread for the first time in my magimix tonight. I followed the instructions in the manual and now my dough hook is stuck in the machine and won't come out! It's impossible to get out. And the bowl won't come out either. Has anyone had this problem or know how to fix it? I'm worried about trying to get it fixed through the warranty because I ordered it through Chef's and they still haven't replied to an email I sent a month ago about the Magimix being delivered with a huge gouge in the box and a scratch on the machine!

Right now I feel like a fool for buying the magimix, I thought overall it would save me money because I wouldn't have to worry about it malfuctioning or breaking easily.


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  1. First of all, call Chef's immediately. Much better than email. I'm surprised to hear they didn't reply as I've had excellent customer service from them. Keep all emails and correspondence to and from them. You should be able to get satisfaction from your CC company if need be. Also call Magimix tomorrow and speak to a supervisor. Make a note of the person's name and the date and time called. Your warranty should be through Magimix, not Chefs. Let Magimix troubleshoot the problem with you. Please let us know what happens. You should be OK with one of these companies coming through for you.

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      thanks for the reply. Yeah, I should just call Chef's. I just assumed when they didn't return my email that they have bad customer service, but I guess maybe some companies don't use email a lot.

      About the Magimix, the thing is, I searched around on the internet and this is Not a fluke, this has happened to more than a few people. The plastic deforms and it starts slipping on the spindle, this heats it further so it slips more, and the whole lot welds itself together. It's a bad design, the flats on the spindle are not deep enough.

      We used a dremel and a chisel to get it off without damaging the spindle.

      So much for making bread in the Magimix!

    2. All parts are guaranteed for three years so could be under warranty, all magimix spare parts are available even the oldest food processors at and they are very helpful with any enquiries if you need to ring them.