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Feb 21, 2009 07:34 PM

Review: hit Uncle Andre's tonight- good and okay.

I'm a huge BBQ lover.... I'm very particular.....I'm a firm believer in the dry rub..... and I'm an east coast Southerner.

That being said... I've been searching for GREAT BBQ in town..... I haven't found THEEEE spot yet...... but this was my first trip to Uncle Andres.

1/2 rack of baby backs, beans and greens. ( I was raised right)<G>

I wish I had asked him to leave the sauce on the side. Then again..... their rub is a Texas/ California sort of affair....(why? because of the chili powder note in the rub... not my favorite thing at all.) The sauce wasn't great... kind of forgettable..but not a corn syrup travesty either.

The sides...... the sides!!! Down home styrofoam road side perfection... i say this in a good way. You don't want sophistication in a dish served with plastic.... it should have it's own situational etiquette of flavor and roots.

The collards were tender and loaded with white pepper and vinegar but not too tart and dotted with green peppers. Awesome.

I said "beans and greens" and he asked "baked or black eyed"- I said "surprise me."

He gave me baked....and they rocked.... sweet and perfect and pure...brown sugar sweet.... and a bit need for anything else in them... no bacon flecks or porkbits needed or wanted.

The rub and sauce were pretty salty and not a sweet note lingered in either..... so the pot liquor in the beans was the perfect sop to dip the meat in.

( I'm more a fan of purist rub and either sweet hickory or good ol vinegar sauce)

I'll have to go back and try the yams, the gumbo on fridays and the beef ribs.

Long lost friends I ran into as I waited for my dinner swooned talking me up on the beef ribs.

I wish they served green beans like they do at Mr. Cecils.....

my chocolate chip cookie was sad..... wrapped in saran wrap.....

very defunct looking sweet potato tartlets held hostage in saran wrap as well.....

I longed to see real southern i bake.....

I just gotta open my own danged place..... a girl can dream.....

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  1. My big problem with Uncle Andre's is that he steams the meat first. GAH! But I did like the sides, a lot.

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    1. re: Das Ubergeek

      exactly...not the tenderest...........and the steam seems to leach out flavor....

      but I'll probably go back for the sides......

    2. I had the fried chicken there - pretty good, and I agree, the sides were awesome. BBQ was forgettable.

      1. If you like dry rub BBQ, try Boneyard Bistro or Old Fashion Flavor BBQ.

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        1. re: mrshankly

          the bones were good at boneyard.. but the collards were theee absolute worst collards I've ever put in my mouth........ I always will try something twice before I count it out to be fair...but.... I don't look forward to it.....

          I'll have to go look up old fashion BBQ?

          1. re: missliisa

            I agree on the collards... I try not to stray from the specialty (BBQ) but then again, if they're gonna serve BBQ, then the fixings should be good as well.

            Here's a link to Old Fashion...

        2. Uncle Andre's isn't a true BBQ place by any means so if you don't know that walking in, you'll be disappointed. Or, if you don't take it that seriously, their style of BBQ is fine if you have a hankering, but don't want to drive to Bably Blues, Philips, etc.

          As mentioned the beef ribs are good, the chicken can be great and the sides and Friday gumbo are excellent.

          1. Just tried Uncle Andre's. Overall, I agree with your "good and okay" assessment, missliisa.

            Beef ribs: a little too chewy and a bit dry, not tender, but very meaty. I liked the sauce.

            Greens: sweet and vinegary -- in a good way.

            Seafood gumbo: very meaty. The pint i had was chock full of (chicken/turkey?) meat, sausage slices, thick and spicy gumbo broth -- everything but seafood (save a couple of puny crab legs.) This was my favorite item. On the other hand, the rice they served as a gumbo side was so dry the rice kernels were crunchy. Hurt my teeth.

            Cornbread: sweet and corny, a tad dry. Still, I finished it eagerly. No big complaints.

            Beans: sweet and smokey, just how I like 'em.

            Iced Tea: didn't finish it. Tasted like they'd forgotten to rinse out their coffee urn before they poured in the tea. Least favorite item.

            And here's a big Thank You to other Chowhounds who pointed out that one should double check one's order before leaving the restaurant!! I did and found they'd left out my pint of greens. It took a bit of patience to communicate and get the order straightened out, but eventually they got it right.

            On the plus side, they estimated 20 - 25 minutes to fill my order, and had it ready on time. (Note: we placed our order on Friday afternoon around 4:30. Your mileage may vary.)

            Finally, much praise for the celebrity autographed photos on the walls. Chaka Khan, Whoopi Goldberg, Joe Mantegna, and Velvet Revolver. How can you go wrong?