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Feb 21, 2009 06:49 PM

Anything in Marianna,FL besides fast food?

Going to be in the northern/middle of the state about half way between jax and Tallahassee...a small town called Marianna. All I can seem to find are fast food places. Anyone know of a decent non-fast food place in this town? or nearby?
Any/All suggestions greatly appreciated!

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  1. i'm curious, too. there doesn't seem to be many hounds in the panhandle. most of the word of mouth info i've gleaned is from tourists and seasonals.

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      There are a few of us. But we tend to stick close to the coast where the easy food pickings are. Once you get a little bit past Pensacola, the I-10 corridor is pretty bare of both people and good chow. I have heard good things about Red Canyon though.

    2. Marianna is by no stretch anywhere close to anything resembling a foodie town, but there are a few locally-owned places that would do you better than eating at an interstate exit.

      Red Canyon Grill - it's been around a long time, and it has a loyal following. Southwestern-style food, but better than you would find at the chains. Has actually appeared in food magazines and lists of good restaurants and such.

      Madison's Warehouse - think the locally-owned "seafood and steaks" place that townsfolk go to when they want to spruce it up a bit.

      1. out near interstate 10, in the plaza perpendicular to the wal-mart on hwy 71, there used to be a quite good little chinese take-away, small eat-in place. mom and i were both very surprised! here is its listing on yahoo, so i guess it is still there:

        Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant
        (850) 482-6699
        4914 Malloy Plz, Marianna, FL 32448

        ps, marianna is actually further west of tallahassee from jacksonville.

        1. Years ago, I used to travel that stretch pretty often. If I recall, the highlight of the whole trip between Pensacola and Tallahassee was a buffet at a huge truck stop there- a Travel America? It has probably changed for the worse now (doesn't everything?), but at one time they were putting out some really, really good food. Nothing fancy, but for a buffet it was one of the best that I have ever encountered...

          1. I highly recommend the Cornerstone Family Restaurant, south of Interstate 10 on highway 71. They serve breakfast every day, an exceptional value home style lunch buffet Monday - Friday (popular with local people), dinner every day, and a popular brunch buffet on Sunday. Address: 1994 Highway 71, Marianna, FL 32448 Telephone: (850) 526-2609