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Feb 21, 2009 05:39 PM

Nice Dinner in Vegas / Near Mandalay Bay

Hi all -

My wife and I are in Vegas (from New York City) with our three year old daughter...and have gotten a babysitter for Sunday night so that we can go out by ourselves.

What is the best place for an upscale dinner near or in the Mandalay Bay complex? We'd rather avoid a 'spin off' of a New York place (e.g. Aureole), since that's where we live...

Any suggestions welcome.

(And how are Fleur de Lys or Mix in the Mandalay?)

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  1. Wine list in LV Aureole IMHO is vastly better than the in one NY, if wine is your desire, cannot beat it.. Have left a post at end of 2008 regarding trip to LV and the places l went to. Stayed at Mandalay, but Aureole was only restaurant eaten at the hotel besides the "shudder" buffet we wandered into one day. Went to fix for dinner but arrangements were messed up ( Our fault, not theirs ) so wound up having a few expensive drinks and that was it. Regarding that night, one of our party tried to order a glass of water and was told they only had sparkling and still BOTTLED water to offer.

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      Rick Moonen's, or Stripsteak. Can't go wrong at either.

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        Second Stripsteak...I'm a fan of Michael Mina's restaurants, and Stripsteak offers a great variety of sides, nice seafood choices and the best steaks you will ever have.

    2. Reading between the lines a bit, but a married couple that has a baby sitter for an evening might also like some special ambience as well as the food. In that case Mix is hard to beat, not just for the Mandalay Bay area, but for all of Las Vegas.

      1. Charlie Palmer Steak may be an option. The "couch" tables are hard to beat. The food and service put it up there with the better steak venues in Vegas. Plus, it's location in the Four Seasons Hotel just scream special occasion.

        As stated, you really can't go wrong with StripSteak although it has a more hip (less romantic) feel than CP Steak.

        My favorite place in the Mandalay Bay area is Aureole. Have had multiple great meals there. Sorry!

        1. Thanks all - we ended up going to Mix. Great time...NOT a cheap ticket!

          And I'm going to StripSteak tomorrow evening with clients.