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Feb 21, 2009 05:36 PM

Best pizza place in Halifax

Hey, just wondering if anyone has any suggestions of a great place to get pizza in Halifax. I'm not a big fan of the "thin crust" pizzas though (my fav. franchise is Pizza Hut, I'm a dough girl :P LoL

I'm new to the area and there are TONS of places to choose from! Any input greatly appreciated, Thanks :)

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  1. Well, IMO, Salvatore's has the best pizza in town, but I think it would fall into your thin crust category. Thomasino's in the south end has "gore-may" pizza with a thicker crust.

    For more regular ol' pizza, I think the student favourite is Alexandra's, but I can't say that I've ever tried them.

    1. I also tend to be a fan of Salvatore's...its not as thin a crust as, say Morris East which I think is great but bears no resemblance to Pizza Hut. In the olden days a thick crust pizza was called 'deep-dish Sicilian' but now I think of it as more a Greek-style pizza, hence the student love affair with Alexandra's.

      1. I can't comment on most places, as i don't live there, but when i'm at the Sunnyside mall in Bedford, I gravitate towards The Wedge (or is it On The Wedge??). I love their Moon Pie pizza. And i'm a thick-crust lover too.

        1. word on the street by the people who know is go for Peter's pizza on inglis. Ask for Pete;s special.

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            I love thick-crusts too, but the toppings and freshness of Salvatore's (north end in the Hydrostone Market) has won me over. The crust is thick enough for me, and it's crispy yet not greasy, which is perfection... I don't know how they do it!

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              After living in the neighborhood for 15 years I still crave Peter's from time to time. The pizza of my past... just love it, especially from the fridge the next morning. I now make a special trip over once a year and get one to take away as a special treat.

            2. I sometimes feel like I'm the only person in the city that prefers Tomavinos (formerly Tomasinos) to Salvatores. But, like you, I prefer doughy crusts to thin ones. When I have my say on pizza ordering nights - it's definitely Tomavinos. They are closest to the quality of ingredients that you get with Salvatores, but with the kind of crust I prefer.

              When I was a student and looking for cheaper pizza, Alexandra's was definitely my spot. It's been a few years since I ordered from them, but they might be a good bet too.