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Best pizza place in Halifax

Hey, just wondering if anyone has any suggestions of a great place to get pizza in Halifax. I'm not a big fan of the "thin crust" pizzas though (my fav. franchise is Pizza Hut, I'm a dough girl :P LoL

I'm new to the area and there are TONS of places to choose from! Any input greatly appreciated, Thanks :)

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  1. Well, IMO, Salvatore's has the best pizza in town, but I think it would fall into your thin crust category. Thomasino's in the south end has "gore-may" pizza with a thicker crust.

    For more regular ol' pizza, I think the student favourite is Alexandra's, but I can't say that I've ever tried them.

    1. I also tend to be a fan of Salvatore's...its not as thin a crust as, say Morris East which I think is great but bears no resemblance to Pizza Hut. In the olden days a thick crust pizza was called 'deep-dish Sicilian' but now I think of it as more a Greek-style pizza, hence the student love affair with Alexandra's.

      1. I can't comment on most places, as i don't live there, but when i'm at the Sunnyside mall in Bedford, I gravitate towards The Wedge (or is it On The Wedge??). I love their Moon Pie pizza. And i'm a thick-crust lover too.

        1. word on the street by the people who know is go for Peter's pizza on inglis. Ask for Pete;s special.

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            I love thick-crusts too, but the toppings and freshness of Salvatore's (north end in the Hydrostone Market) has won me over. The crust is thick enough for me, and it's crispy yet not greasy, which is perfection... I don't know how they do it!

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              After living in the neighborhood for 15 years I still crave Peter's from time to time. The pizza of my past... just love it, especially from the fridge the next morning. I now make a special trip over once a year and get one to take away as a special treat.

            2. I sometimes feel like I'm the only person in the city that prefers Tomavinos (formerly Tomasinos) to Salvatores. But, like you, I prefer doughy crusts to thin ones. When I have my say on pizza ordering nights - it's definitely Tomavinos. They are closest to the quality of ingredients that you get with Salvatores, but with the kind of crust I prefer.

              When I was a student and looking for cheaper pizza, Alexandra's was definitely my spot. It's been a few years since I ordered from them, but they might be a good bet too.

              1. I don't know why Alexandra's is so popular I think they are somewhere between awful and o.k. Their donairs are good though. Here's my advice whatever you do don't go to uncle buck's. It doesn't even smell good when you go in.

                1. My husband and I have completely given up on finding good pizza in Halifax where we now live. After years of living in Montreal where you can find fabulous pizza everywhere, after years of living in Ottawa where you can find the odd good pizza (otherwise we would just drive two hours to Mtl and enjoy fabulous everything!) Halifax is a wasteland for pizza. We now make our own pizza's with quality ingredients and lots of flavour (I am considered a very good cook in our social circle) which is fine but not necessarily something we want to do on a Friday night nor do we have a pizza oven! In a crunch we find Venus Pizza and Shwarma on Barrington acceptable as well as Mumford Pizza. We add flavoured oil and pizza herbs once we get the pizza home to kick things up a bit. We no longer take recommendations from Haligonian's who have never lived elsewhere (yes, we have tried all the usual places - Morris East, Freeman's (the worst pizza yet!) Salvatores, Tommaso's - they do not cut in our world of pizza) because they only have local pizza to compare to for the most part. And what is with BBQ chicken pizza in this town, it is revolting - BBQ sauce and cooked chicken - save this for Swiss Chalet people! "Locally" we head to Lunenburg for very good pizza at the Salt Shaker Deli (also try their toasted bun tarragon mayo lobster sandwich - to die for!) or Trattoria della Nonna for gourmet pizza. All I can say is good luck with your pizza search. Depending where you are from, you may find the pizzas here good....or not.

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                    You think getting good pizza in Halifax is bad, you should try living in Dartmouth. I used to be able to drive to the South End and get a pizza from Tomavino's but since the fire there they only have the Bedford location and that's just too far.

                    I know you said you've tried all the usual Halifax recommendations but I'm curious if you've tried Tomavino's and where it rates on your scale.

                    Also, anyone heard and rumours on when the south end Tomavino's might be reopening?

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                      Parleek, we tried the Bedford location and found it lacked flavour and did not try the south end location before the fire. I have not heard if that location has reopened elsewhere. We plan on giving Ristorante eMano (Bishop's Landing) another try because we do like the location and atmosphere - we will try fine tune our order next time.
                      I have to say I did like the few slices of pizza from On The Wedge Pizza in the Sunnyside Mall - just outside of Pete's.
                      Good luck on your search!

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                        Thanks for your searching wishes!

                        I just thought I'd mention as well that Tomavino's has reopened in the South End in it's old location. I've had two pizzas in the last three weeks and am happy to have them back.

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                          Parleek, thanks for sharing you Tomavino's recommendations! I will try that location out in the near future. Are there any specific ingredient combination better than others you have tried?

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                            From the sounds of your post below, I'm starting to fear you'll never find pizza in Halifax :)

                            As for combos at Tomovino's - I tend to stick to their Tomovino's Combo or the Ambrosia. I think I've had the Con Carne before as well, but you really have to be committed to meat consumption if you're going for that one.

                            I had another pizza this week -- and I have to say, it was below their regular standard. Still good, but I wouldn't wanted it to have been the one I staked my good pizza claim on.

                    2. re: HFXFoodie

                      . . . perhaps you would be happier back in Montreal?

                      1. re: HFXNS

                        yes of course because happiness totally revolves around pizza...?

                        1. re: LucLeFou

                          Uh, no. Because HFXFoodie had only rude things to say about Haligonians and their pizza. So, I was saying, "See ya, snob."

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                            Well, I found this quite odd - "After years of living in Montreal where you can find fabulous pizza everywhere", because if you spend any time in Montreal, or just reading the Mtl/QC Chow board, the general consensus is that pizza in Montreal is crap, with an ongoing debate about one place (Bottega).

                            1. re: FoodNovice

                              FoodNovice, I see from your profile you are in Montreal. Yes, I have read through the ongoing pizza debate on the Mtl/QC Chow board, very interesting, however I do not agree that the comments found on this board conclude ‘the general consensus about pizza in Montreal is crap’. I see alot of passionate discussion from contributors debating who makes the best pizza in Montreal and many recommendations for very good pizza as well. As you know there are probably hundred’s of pizza places in Montreal, some are duds, some are outstanding and many offer very good pizza. The definition of ‘the best’ pizza is a controversial topic which would come down to a majority of people in agreement of their pizza preferences does it not? I’ve enjoyed beautiful pizza in Italy but have also found equally great in Montreal. I’ve also had fabulous North American style pizza in Montreal, and have eaten my share of duds as well.
                              However, all of this has nothing to do with my comments about the choice of pizza available in Halifax which is why I placed my comment on the Atlantic Canada Chow board and not on the Mtl/QC Chow board. You could be in a position to question my comments about Halifax pizza compared to Mtl pizza, if, you are from Halifax or have lived here.
                              On another note, I agree with your profile – Top favourite restaurants – Brunoise (RIP). It was a fabulous location... if I am allowed my opinion.

                      2. re: HFXFoodie

                        I lived in Montreal for 20 years, and while there are some great pizza places, many are worse than here in Halifax (the ubiquitous pizza slice places in Montreal are awful - come on, admit it!). Montreal is a wonderful food city, probably the best ever for us folk on a normal budget, but I don't recall any pizza place in Montreal that could come close to the wonder of a slice Salvatore's original - which is for me, the best pizza I have had anywhere.

                      3. Revana on Portland Street in Dartmouth is really good. Doughy crust, nice&thick, but never soggy the way some thick crust pizza can be. Generous toppings&fast delivery too!

                        1. I have to disagree with all of the suggestion for Tomavino's; I find their sauce quite bland, but I've only been once, so maybe it was an off day.

                          I LOVE the Moon Pie from On the Wedge in Bedford, but for a "regular" pizza, I'm a huge fan of Martha's by the Sobey's in Bedford. Amazing stuff!!

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                            The very best pizza we had when we lived in the South End was Peter's. The "special" when we were broke and the "original" the rest of the time.

                            How terrible to live in a city and believe that your only resource for good pizza is in Mtl....I hope you get to visit there often. After reading the choices of your pseudo passable pies I am not sure I can trust your tastes though.

                            1. re: tangible

                              Other than On the Wedge in Bedford, and the places mentioned in Lunenburg (good excuse to drive down the South Shore!), the other places we found somewhat acceptable no longer cut it,so I agree they are not good choices as well. We were feeling desperate at the time we found them acceptable, no longer. The search continues though I will try Parleek's South End Tomavino's pie place of choice.

                              1. re: HFXFoodie

                                I am born and raised in Montreal and moved to the South Shore area only last year. I have to agree with HFXFoodie, the pizza here is absolutely terrible and, for what you get, expensive. I have tried four or five places and the best pizza I have found so far was made at my local Save Easy!! My uncles owned pizza places in the Montreal area, so growing up I used to get pizza for free. Wow! How I miss those days. Things have changed there now and a lot of the old mom and pop places have closed. What has replaced them is usually not so good but you can still find some decent pizza if you know where to go. I need to try out On the Wedge next time I am up in Bedford. Cheers!

                                1. re: exmtler

                                  Hey EXMTLER, thanks for your support and echoing my Halifax pizza frustrations. I guess expecting excellent quality ingredients is asking too much - homemade pizza dough instead of prepackaged dough, homemade flavourful sauce instead of poor quality canned sauce, excellent quality pepperoni instead of No Name mystery meat, real Italian sausage instead of rabbit pellets, a mixture of Italian cheeses, which by the way, does not include cheddar cheese, to name a few ingredients I expect on a pizza. I am just looking for a good quality pick up on a Friday night and enjoy at home, with a bottle of wine kinda pie at this point. For gourmet pizza I will continue to drive to Lunenburg and enjoy pizza at the Salt Shaker Deli or Trattoria della Nonna.
                                  I am curious about Dimitri's on Lady Hammond, Bramasole's on Quinpool, and a place I heard of on St. Margaret's Bay Rd - someting like Europea or Euro Pizza.
                                  Please let me know if you find something worth trying out there!

                                  1. re: HFXFoodie

                                    Euro Pizza is so-so. But, if you're going there--get their chicken dinner (amazing tzatziki...so garlicy!) !!! SO GOOD and very cheap!

                                    1. re: Marls05

                                      Thanks for the heads up on Euro Pizza, I will stick with your yummy sounding chicken dinner recommendation - love that comb as well.

                                    2. re: HFXFoodie

                                      This whole discussion I find depressing, because I moved from Halifax to Calgary a couple years ago, and the pizza situation is even more dire here! I keep telling people how much better the pizza is in Halifax... but I must be missing something!

                                      Bramoso's pizza on Quinpool was my favorite, even though it is basically Nick 'n' Willy's (a chain) pizza under a different name. The ingredients taste fresh and I enjoyed the selection.

                                      Freeman's is terrible. Dimitri's is no big deal.

                                      Other pizza places I enjoyed were Metro Pizza on Lady Hammond, Plaza Pizza on what used to be called Market St., Island Greek on Gottigen, and of course, Salvetore and Tomavino's. There is nothing in the style of real Italian pizza in Halifax from what I know. But there are a ton of places that use local Brother's pepperoni on their pizzas... which is a world away from "No Name mystery meat" ... although I agree, the meats on, say, a Grecco pizza are very unappetizing.

                                      Then again, I enjoy all kinds of different pies. I used to live in Lunenburg and worked at Big Red's pizza, and well, you love it or you hate it. But it's unlike any other pizza I've ever had and it has a special place in my heart. The sauce is sweet and spicy, you can't pick it up and eat it, and it features hotdogs (yes, hotdogs!) and REAL chunks of hamburger and bacon. I can also contest that the dough is home-made. Over-priced? Yes. Lunenburg waterfront = tourist haven.

                                      Island Greek
                                      2150 Gottingen St, Halifax, NS B3K, CA

                                      1. re: existential_crisis

                                        Have you tried Famoso in Calgary? We just moved from Alberta to Halifax, and the one thing I miss the most is our pizza nights at Famoso...definitely worth a try (for the record, I haven't eaten at their Calgary location, but the Edm location on Jasper is amazing!!)

                                        1. re: Centralcan

                                          I just tried there recently, actually, and it was yummy, though a bit soggy. When I'm craving pizza usually I'm craving the delivery kind. btw a new place opened called Without Papers in Inglewood and it looks very promising for thin crust! Also, I have adapted to the Calgary Greek pan style of pizza and my top pick is Spiros. But yeah... there is nothing in Halifax like Famoso, to my knowledge.

                                          1. re: existential_crisis

                                            Aside from The Place and Nicks....try Smileys in Strathmore if you want to go for a drive.

                            2. Have you tried Plaza Pizza? It's near Scotia Square. I haven't personally had it (I too gave up Halifax pizza...) but I have friends who love it. Mind you I'm not from far away (Pictou County) but living there made me a pizza snob! It's not for everyone, but personally, I love PC pizza-and I heard that Plaza is similar.

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                                I've never been inside of Scotia Square and recently heard I am not missing any shopping experience because of it - may have to venture in for a noon time slice test. I was in Pictou County a few weekends ago - enjoying a B&B stay over and enjoying an incredible lobster dinner picnic at Caribou Beach - what a perfect experience that was. Any places in particular you would recommend for in pizza in P.C.?
                                Are we really pizza snobs if we expect good quality and good taste in pizza, I think not!

                                1. re: HFXFoodie

                                  I was just in Halifax last week and Scotia Sq. was definitely not a shopping mecca. i was a little disappointed with the much touted donairs too. Okay one from Tony's, friend said his King of Donair was dry as a bone. Nothing beats Berlin in my travels.

                              2. HFXFoodie, I feel your pain! I agree with what you said. Growing up with uncles who actually had these places, I remember actually helping them prepare dough. He had industrial size mixers in the basement and would make the dough then let them rise in pans on shelving, then place them in the freezer, etc. The sauces were made on huge pots with all kinds of ingredients added and the sauce was actually cooked. The pepperoni was bought from local suppliers who competed for the pizza place business. To find this kind of love in pizza is rare, even in Montreal these days but it seems it was never understood and appreciated in Halifax. Thanks everyone for your suggestions and I look forward to learning more from you all and hopefully sharing with you whatever I find. As for pizza, I am obviously very spoiled. Have a great weekend! Cheers!

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                                  OMG EXMTLER, you make me want to cry (and drool!) with your description of days gone by pizza experiences you had growing up! How fortunate you were to enjoy such childhood memories. Hubby and I were planning on heading to Mtl Thanksgiving weekend (plans fell through) - no turkey dinners for us as we planned on indulging in wonderful pizza - Amelios, Woodlands, Pizza La Tour (NDG- but no longer open), La Giaconda, a place in the Jean Talon Marche, Pins Pizza, to name a few of our old favs.
                                  I will watch for recommendations on this board and give Halifax pizza one more try.
                                  Hope you are enjoyng life out there in the beautiful South Shore - have your tried pizza at the Salt Shaker Deli or Trattoria della Nonna in Lunenburg - very good!

                                  1. re: HFXFoodie

                                    With all the recent discussion about pizza, I decided to try out a few places in good faith. Well, I just got back after a very unsuccessful search for pizza on a Sunday afternoon. Lesson learned, do not expect pizza on Sundays for lunch - checked out five places - Pizza eMano, Vinny's (open in the evenings only), Tomavinos (Southend - sorry Parleek I did try!), Dimitris, Euro Pizza - all closed on Sundays so I gave up the search. There you have it!

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                                        I agree, I was not impressed with Morris East pizza as well.
                                        I gave Pizza eMano another try several weeks ago and I have to admit they have improved so we will stick with this location for the next while. It is pricey but we feel it is worth it after wasting money on so many duds! We also enjoy the high level vibe in there on a Friday night when we have dropped in to pick up our phone order. We add extra sauce (very tasty I may add!). Maybe we have been here long enough we are becoming one of the HRM pizza borgs (doubt it!). Let's keep up the search!

                                        Morris East
                                        5212 Morris St, Halifax, NS B3J, CA

                                        1. re: BILLBRASKY

                                          AS I was reading this, I was wondering about Salvatore's. It has been 10 years since I have lived in Halifax, but have had it on occasion when staying there. It was always great!
                                          It may be because it has been a while, and things become vivid in your imagination as time passes, but I remember the pizza from there as being wonderful. But I've never lived in Montreal....

                                          1. re: troutpoint

                                            HFXFoodie - I've enjoyed following your quest for great pizza in Halifax. I am very disconcerted by certain childish responses from others and hope you pay no attention to them. The pizza situation here is dismal and I hope you give the restaurants you visit feedback. Raising standards in this town can be painfully slow though we have made great headway in the last 10 years in certain sectors of gastronomy . Could it be that pizza is shunned by better restaurants and perceived as college student fare.

                                            Travel makes the long cravings bearable. Good luck, keep up the pursuit and raise a little hell.

                                            1. re: chilibeanpaste

                                              Hey Chilibeanpaste! Great to have support in the pizza quest and all things food related, your inputs are greatly appreciated as well. I believe you have a raised a strong point that pizza here may be looked at as college fare, something to scoff down while in an alcoholic haze - that has to be the only way a BBQ sauce and chicken pizza could be consumed! I spent yesterday wandering around Lunenburg trying to capture the spirit of the season - NOT found in Bayer's Lake Insanity. The drive was worth it and so was the wonderful pizza at the Salt Shaker Deli, which, take note was their last day open for the season (reopening in late January) so don't jump in the car any time soon and head to Lunenburg hoping to try their pizza anytime soon. There are so many food related things I have given up on in this city. The potential is there with respect to sooooo many quality if life issues in Halifax but, alas, 'those in charge' are just too near sighted to see the opportunities. I could unleash venom related to the insane cost of living in NS and the myopic vision one encounters as well, but the pizza forum is not the place for it. Will have to find another outlet to rant, and saying that, I am off to the Seaport Market forum to see what hornets nest I can kick there!

                                              1. re: HFXFoodie

                                                "I am off to the Seaport Market forum to see what hornets nest I can kick there!"

                                                We await a report on your sting.

                                  2. I really like Salvatores, but my experience with their pizza is minimal, I must admit, as they also have unbelievable oven subs made on fresh bread they bake in store. (they sell the bread too, grab one!) My fave is the ham hero, real baked ham, sauteed, almost burnt onions and mushrooms, garlic mayo, and provolone cheese, all baked in a delicious crusty roll. Probably the best thing I have eaten in the city. I have recently gotten interested in authentic pizza and plan on grabbing a margherita there tomorrow, though.
                                    Peters original style is awesome too, tasty dough and sauce and lots of quality ingredients,
                                    it is hard to beat. Not much else really floats my boat for pizza in the city though.

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                                    1. re: Polar Man

                                      Have you tried Morris East yet? I have heard it is divine. Bramoso on Quinpool is my personal favourite so far since moving here... eat in though; don't get delivery - it's horrible and cold, but when you dine-in the experience is amazing - fresh pizza from the wood-burning oven *heaven* !!

                                      Morris East
                                      5212 Morris St, Halifax, NS B3J, CA

                                    2. HFXFoodie: next time you come down to Lunenburg, do try the pizza at Trattoria della Nonna. It is more formal than Salt Shaker Deli (the atmosphere, not the pizza!). But it is very good, thin crust pizza. Their calamari are also excellent. Most winters the owners go to spend a month in Italy to add to their knowledge of regional dishes there, so they can come back to adapt them for local ingredients.

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                                      1. re: LJS

                                        Hi LJS: I love the pizza from Trattoria della Nonna and in fact did mention this location for excellent pizza months ago - August I believe. This threat has been running for awhile so that recommendation has been buried! In fact, I love the food and dining experience at Nonna's, one of my very few fav restaurants in the Halifax area. Thanks for recommending Nonna again for fab pizza!

                                        1. re: HFXFoodie

                                          Oh do I feel your pain.....I have tried to find good pizza for 4 years now, and the best I have come by is the take home from Sobeys. (Although it needs a bit of doctoring) Pizza pans seem to be non existent in this province which is part of the problem.
                                          I will be heading to Lunenburg shortly. Don't bother coming up the corridor...there's none here either.
                                          To the guy in Calgary: "The Place" in Bowness, or Nick's on Banff Trail and Crowchild have the best IMO. Unless you're looking for Halifax style pizza....if so, go to Safeway and buy a cheap frozen one.
                                          Oh, and Foodie, I'm with you on the cost of living. Funny how everyone out west thinks it's cheap to live here. A good forum to vent on that is thecoast.ca "Love the way we bitch"

                                          1. re: nsturfguy

                                            NSTURFGUY - I'm finally replying. I was in the hospital for the past five months receiving chemo after a sudden lymphoma diagnosis in early March. Thankfully I am now in full remission and craving good food which I certainly did not have while in the hospital!
                                            Still can't handle eating pizza though I know I am not missing much while in Halifax. Great to know I will be moving to Montreal next spring so, if necessary, I will just wait until then to enjoy pizza once again and save my money here.
                                            Yes, I don't know why there is this dillusion 'out there' about the east coast being a cheap place to live. I have lived in Ontario, Quebec and NS, and this province has the highest cost of living except for housing (off the peninsula that is) - but that is quickly catching up to the rest of Canada. I will definitely check out the forum you recommended. And now this city is talking about building a stadium - watch out people, if this stupid decision is actually passed, our property taxes will go through the stadium roof. However, I digress!
                                            Happy pizza searching everyone!

                                            1. re: HFXFoodie

                                              Sorry to hear you were in the hospital. I know Chemo is brutal, but glad you're ok. I am also headed back west. I took a vehicle out there in June and stopped just outside Calgary at one of my favourite spots. I told the owner I just drove 3000 miles for his pizza and he loaded a couple up for me......I wish I could get them mailed out.....sigh.
                                              Love the comment about the stadium.....might get a soccer franchise.....lol

                                              1. re: nsturfguy

                                                Glad to hear you're on the mend HFXFoodie.

                                                Just a note on Bramosa on Quinpool, their pizzas have taken as definite nose-dive since the name change and the descent is accelerating. The pizzas were a refreshing change when Nick's first opened but not by any means supreme.

                                                This city will approve anything stupid.

                                              2. re: HFXFoodie

                                                Have you had pizza girls formerly appetizers on Portand ST home made secret recipie light really in my opinion to die for i have had Montreal Pizza but it is a mom and pop operation that the girls took over

                                              3. re: nsturfguy

                                                Its funny how subjective this all is... I had a pizza at Nicks and it was one of the most disappointing pizzas I have had in my life. And despite the fact that I have grown to enjoy Calgary thick style pizza, I do not think it is necessarily superior to Halifax style. Also, the thin crust joints are often nothing to write home about. Has anyone given Island Greek a try yet....

                                                Island Greek
                                                2150 Gottingen St, Halifax, NS B3K, CA

                                                1. re: existential_crisis

                                                  re: Nick's

                                                  I guess this says it all about Halifax pizzas. HFXfoodie is right. We wait..... or grill our own at home.

                                          2. Hey, this is a little off topic... but I was wondering if anyone knew what goes on a "Bubba Pizza"... I remember seeing them around here and there when I lived in NS.

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                                              1. re: CanadaGirl

                                                I'm thinking it must have been in the South Shore. I don't remember seeing it in Halifax, now that you mention it.

                                                I think it had garlic butter and donair meat on it... but I am really not sure.

                                                1. re: existential_crisis

                                                  Because donair meat needs more garlic... ;)

                                            1. this is about peters pizzeria inglis st..:just want to put a warning out there that a long held south end halifax pizza institution has changed owners. I walked into this place today and couldn't believe what I saw. It is truly staggering how much the quality has changed. not even a shadow of it's former self. I feel sorry for anyone who orders delivery and doesn't realize it has changed, be the worst surprise ever.

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                                              1. re: kfi

                                                I agree - a friend who was a Peter's fan bought us a meat-lovers pizza earlier this fall - she was so excited for me to try Peter's... the pizza was very disappointing.

                                              2. Apetizers on portland st is the best pizza in Dartmouth now it is called pizza girls and yesterday just had an Alexandra pizza crust was okay. Its a guarded recipe and amazing

                                                1. Hubby and I visited the Halifax area a few weeks ago from Mississauga, ON. First time having pizza in NS and we had Salvatore's with a friend. We shared the small clam pizza and 2 slices of another kind that had spinach and don't remember the other ingredientas as it was the daily special. The clam had no marinara sauce and only baby clams, cheese and spices with a fresh lemon slice on top. The three of us enjoyed both pizzas, however the clam was the standout. The crust was thick, chewy and airy. The spices and lemon went well with the clams and the taste was a winner for me. We also had pizza in NB and QC. Ontario included, we notice that each region/area/province taste amazing, yet has thier own unique taste and ingredients.

                                                  Attaching a pic of the clam pizza and the spinach pizza.

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                                                  1. re: fryerlover

                                                    Salvatore's is fabulous, but unique. It isnt what I'd call "typical" Halifax pizza, but that's okay!

                                                    I've noticed the same thing with pizza being different in different regions. I think that's why transplants are usually unhappy with the pizza when they move. I know when I lived in Ottawa, I never found a pizza that tasted "right".

                                                    1. re: CanadaGirl

                                                      I really find everything has always had to measure up tp Appetizers now pizza girls notizza is nothing can match that taste have not had one from there in a while though but the lebanese pizza is the best I think

                                                      1. re: burge

                                                        My current list is


                                                        but that are all different
                                                        Dmitri's is my fave for a traditional maritime style pizza

                                                        still something charming about the original at Sal's

                                                        and piatto has good pizza and good service

                                                        1. re: HalifaxRetales

                                                          For me it is the old appetizers now Pizza Girls the other i have had was Roberts when in was under the old bridge that was good too

                                                  2. Opinions on Piatto? It's been open for a while now. I'm not a fan of Naples-style, but this is the best I've had of that style.

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                                                    1. re: existential_crisis

                                                      Been there a few times and to the one in St John's as well. Can't say I'm a pizza connoiseur but thoroughly enjoyed the pizzas at Piatto. Good service too.

                                                    2. Pizza time or pizza girls

                                                      1. Ten of us went to Piatto a few nights ago. All ten pizzas arrived in well under 10 minutes, that's got to tell you something. They were atrocious. The crust has changed and resembled a soggy old chipati. $16-$20 for a very small pizza as thin as a razor blade is expensive enough and one would expect it to be top notch at that price. Something's brewing there. Hard to believe I once sang its praises. Never again.

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                                                        1. re: chilibeanpaste

                                                          That's interesting. Two nights ago I did a pizza crawl of all the south end pizza restaurants and yeah, Piatto was a soggy mess. Our top pick was A Mano, followed by Tomavino's and Morris East.

                                                          1. re: existential_crisis

                                                            Hey existential crisis - That's reassuring,so I'm not losing it. Must try A Mano, thanks for the tip.