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Feb 21, 2009 04:51 PM

Looking for a New breakfast spot in Sac

We are wanting to go out for breakfast in the a.m. We live in the pocket but would drive. We've done Bernardo's, Capitol Garage, Plan B, Pancake Circus. I am looking for something homey and yummy....ideas??

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  1. I would try my favorite, Evan's Kitchen over in the Antique Mall on 57th and J Street. THe biscuits and gravy are great, pancakes delicious, and the eggs are always cooked perfectly the way you order them. It is a smaller restaurant that is definitely home-like but still clean. While the food is good, service can be a tad lacking in that the waitresses don't really have that much 'personality' when I've eaten there. They are very busy and efficient so they don't call you hon or sweety but deliver delicious food, hot, from the kitchen. This isn't an issue for me but could be for others.

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      Thanks. A friend told me about Uptown Cafe and Carols' Restaurant. Anyone been there?

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        I'll second Evan's also, esp. the chicken fried steak. I tend to hardly ever eat the gravy that comes with a CFS....never like it, always ask for it on the side. My mom got the CFS at Evan's the first time we went.....took one look at it and got a spoonful of it....yum! I don't even order it on the side when I get that gravy.

      2. I recommend The Tower on Broadway and 16th. They have decadent French toast. I, personally, eat the huevos rancheros every time I go there. Their menu is online.

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          I'll try Evan's...we love CFS.

          Tower just seems too "yuppyish" for me. Is that wrong of me? :)

        2. I had a pretty good breakfast at Jim-Denny's on 12th between H and I. They're great for lunch, but good for breakfast. Not open on Sundays, though.

          Sacramento, CA, Sacramento, CA

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            we went to ink yesterday and it was really good. if you don't like yuppy tho maybe not for you

          2. The original comment has been removed