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Feb 21, 2009 04:44 PM

Best delivery at the College of New Rochelle area?

For Chinese, Italian, Pizza, etc.


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  1. I loved Modern Pizzeria while I was studying at CNR. Good pizza, heroes, and entrees. Try their "Westchester Best" pie.

    1. Not sure if they have delivery, but if you order their pizzas around dinner time, you'll be pleasantly surprised. The owners there are from Calabria, Italy and they make some very decent pies. Best of all, they're right near you at the CNR.

      Pizza Centre Pizza Centre
      374 Pelham Rd
      New Rochelle, NY 10805
      (914) 636-1817‎

      1. I'm out of Modern Pizza's delivery range but Leonardo's Pizza on Palmer Ave has become our go-to for pizza takeout and delivery. Best in Larchmont and I'd bet they deliver to CNR area since they're very close to NR border.

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          whoops, i was thinking iona. cnr might be out of their reach plus you're right by other places.

          ok, so some actually helpful suggestions: red lotus for thai, little mexican cafe, golden rod (i think you'd be in their range) for chinese, japanese and some south asian.