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Feb 21, 2009 04:31 PM

anyone done a private party at colbeh-great neck?

i was thinking of using them, as i heard that they have an all inclusive package.

any thoughts?

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  1. I was at an affair (sit down with waiter service) in the restaurant itself (not the party room).The food was good and abundant and the service was terrific.

    1. we had a party there back in november 2006 for about 140 people. it was a reception to celebrate our wedding which was the previous month in hawaii. the all inclusive price was great. the food was great and this comment came from a number of guests who do not keep kosher. I had two of my friends who are DJ's spin. so the only added expense was renting a small sound system....

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        what was included in the package? and do they work with themes..or is it a standard?

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          from what I remember, it was all you can eat and all you can drink, centerpieces for the tables included. I do not remember the menu being gluten free I could only look at the desserts and they looked great. in terms of themes, the theme at kolbeh for the food is persian...