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Feb 21, 2009 03:28 PM

New to Halifax

My husband and I are new to Halifax, and need to know where to get the *best* fish & chips in this fine city =o) Thanks!

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  1. I like Phil's on Quinpool Rd.
    I don't get out there often, but I think the best fish and chips place is Fredie's Fantastic Fish House, in the Bayer's Lake Business Park. Their lobster rolls are very good, too.

    Fredie's Fantastic Fish House
    Halifax, NS, Halifax, NS , CA

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      I had Phil's fish and chips on one of my many visits to Halifax and it was the best I have ever had. Does anyone know if it is still around? I was down last year and could not locate it and that roundabout is not easy to get through (I'm sure locals have a good chuckle watching the tourists panic going through there) but we went round and round twice trying to find Phil's again, but was not able to. It's been years since my last Phil's fix.
      I found the fish very good and the batter not thick at all, but light and crispy.

      1. re: fryerlover

        They may have moved since you were last here. They used to be on Purcell's Cove Rd but have since relocated to 6285 Quinpool Rd which is on the peninsula.

        1. re: boynamedsous

          Oh, wow....thank you soo much. If I win lotto max, I'll be on the next plane down just for his fish and chips. I'm writing that address down right now for my next trip. I was worried he closed. Phil's has fans all over friend who is now out west introduced me to it. So excited right now...hehe.

    2. I suggest fish and chips on Fridays at Maxwell's Plum on the corner of Grafton and Sackville. A pub with strange seating areas but a huge beer selection and cheap bottles of wine, in a pub, no less.

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      1. re: ixlr8

        The Henry House pub on barrington street.

        1. re: rahfromnychfx

          We really like the F&C at The Henry House, too...they also have lots of alternatives for those not into fish and some great innovative specials.

          1. re: LJS

            I have to third the F&C at The Henry House, actually the whole restaurant is wonderful. I have never had a bad meal there...probably explains why it's so hard to get a table!

      2. I'm very fussy about fish and chips so I feel I can advise you but then it depends on exactly what you like. mY favorite spot is on the walkable main strip of the waterfront, basically a shack called captain's catch. I don't know how they do it but the fish is so tender it falls apart off the fork. The coating is also nice and light. The other plus is that if you aren't that hungry or you are watching your diet you can get just one piece of fish and nothing else.The other place which is recommended alot in halifax is fries and company. They are somewhere around chebucto road. Good luck.

        1. There are so many great spots, but we recently ate at "The Battered Fish", which is on the Bedfrod Highway, directly across from Clearwater. The fries were a bit thinner than I prefer, but tasty. The fish was fantastic, with crispy batter and super-tender fish inside. they also have their own sauce (I think it's called "signature sauce", but I'm not sure) that is amazing -- not at all a tartar sauce, but better in my mind, and I didn't think that possible!

          They also have a spot on the waterfront, but I haven't been to that one.

          1. I agree, with another input, the best place for fish and chips, though the location is horrible, is Fredie's Fantastic Fish House Fish, in Bayer's Lake Shopping area. The fish is lightly battered so you taste the wonderful fresh fish they use, they offer sweet potatoes fries, as well as, regular potato fries. And one of my favourite reasons for going there, they offer chipotle mayonaise for the fries (great with the fish as well!). Wish they would open in a more attractive location, say, like Fairview perhaps!

            Fredie's Fantastic Fish House
            Halifax, NS, Halifax, NS , CA