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Feb 21, 2009 03:19 PM

Ragam, Fitzrovia, London

Very good masala dosa - thin and crisp, with a very slight and soft undertone of sourness in some of the thicker parts. Fairly good filling - soft potato with pleasant spicing -- flavours of curry leaf and mustard seed. The two varieties of coconut chutney were better than most I've had -- a clean nutty coconut base for both, one green and minty/herbaceous, one orange/red with more spicy chilli overtones. A fruity, sour sambar, the prominent tamarind integrating nicely with the spices, maybe a hint of ginger somewhere. They come together extremely well, the nutty toasty chutneys, the tangy sambar, the dry woodsy spicing on the potato -- it's the type of clean, balanced composition that would cost 5-10x more in a "fine dining" restaurant.

The salty lassi belongs to the thinnish liquid variety, with a dusting of cumin on the surface.

Payasam is achingly sweet as it should be, sugar and cardamom carrying the watery rice and cream/milk with raisins and cashews.

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  1. "flavours of curry leaf and mustard seed"

    exactly. that and the caramalized onion should meld with the dosa. my big problem with masala dosas is if the potatoes are a tad bit oily, the middle portion of the dosa tends to get soggy. but what you describe seems perfect!

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    1. re: howler

      This was probably better than many of the ones I've had in Tooting and the potatoes were indeed on the dry side (in a good non-oily way). People seem to like the ones at Sagar and Jfores has mentioned a bunch of other places, all of which I've yet to try. Was wondering if anyone can offer a comparison.

      1. re: limster

        I like the masala dosa at Madras restaurant on Lewisham High Street. It is very crispy, with a nice filling and good sambar and chutney sides. Other places I've tried in Lewisham and Tooting don't come close to this place.

        1. re: medgirl

          Many thanks - it's going on my list to try! Do they also have rava dosas by any chance?

          1. re: limster

            Yes, they do rava dosas. they also do a nice chicken 65. the service is quite clueless though