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Picked up some leeks today because they looked so beautiful. Any suggestions on a great dish highlighting them? Thank you!

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  1. Steam them and serve with chopped apples, smoked fish and mustard vinaigrette.

    1. Saute in butter and add to an omelette.

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        I just made the omelette with the sauteed leeks and goat cheese. It was sooo good. Thank you.

      2. - a tart or quiche with herbs (leeks pair well with thyme), crème fraîche or cheese (i'm thinking Gruyère), maybe even some prosciutto
        - leek gratin
        - potato & leek soup

        if you go with JonParker's omelet suggestion, it would be fantastic topped with smoked salmon.

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          could you tell me how you make the leek gratin? I have enough left over for tomorrow night and I'd love to try it. Thank you.

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            i love this NY Times recipe...


            but it also calls for cheese & potatoes so hopefully you have those ingredients on hand as well!

            a couple of notes:
            - you can sub Swiss, Emmentaler, or a combo of Fontina & Parm for the Gruyère
            - if you don't like cumin, substitute a teaspoon of minced fresh thyme or rosemary and some freshly grated nutmeg.

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              Thank you! That sounds seriously delicious. I'm going to try it tomorrow night. Thanks again.

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                my pleasure...let me know how it turns out!

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                  That was just terrific! It was so satisfying and delicious. I loved that it was made with low fat milk. We didn't miss the cream or butter at all. It was the perfect side dish for steak. Thank you again...this one goes into my recipe file.

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                    yay :)

                    i'm so glad you enjoyed it! thanks for reporting back.

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                I've a similar recipe except that that it's baked in a filo with tons of twisted filo on top. Very decadent.

          2. Braise them whole (partially split so you can wash out all that grime that loves to live in there) in chicken stock until they're tender, then serve them in a mustardy vinaigrette with some capers.

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              Love this too but I don't use stock, just water. Or cook, drain, top with a little butter and grated parmesan or gruyere, run under broiler.

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                When you say "whole" do you actually mean the white part only? Are there uses for the greens?

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                  Right, just the white and light green part. I meant, don't slice them up. Cut part way through, vertically, so you can clean them but they don't fall apart. If they're fat, you can cut them into a more manageable size before dressing and serving them. You can save the greens to use in stock, or to enhance the flavor of already made stock or broth.

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                    You can use the white part, and the light gree. Avoid using the very tough darker green leaves.

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                      The light green is good and flavorful.

                2. The braise that Suzanne Goin does with the Devil Chicken is devine.

                  1. I've seen leeks cut into thin rings and roasted. Looked delicious, but haven't tried it yet.

                    1. Potato-leek soup. 2:1 ratio, with some salt. Simmer until tender, puree with a stick/immersion blender. Add cream or black pepper to taste (optional). We did this a few days ago and it's divine!

                      1. Clean 4 medium leeks, trim all but the top 1" of the green leaves, and then tie into a bundle. Place in boiling water and cook until fork tender, about 20 minutes. Drain and plunge into cold water to stop the cooking. Pat dry and remove the string.

                        Toast 4 Tbs. hazelnuts and chop coarsely. Fry 4-6 strips of bacon and set aside. Deglaze the pan with 1 Tbs. vinegar scraping up the good bits. Pour 1 C. heavy cream into the pan and boil for about 1 minute. Season with S&P

                        Divide the leeks among 4 plates, top each with some of the sauce a sprinkling of the nuts and some of the bacon, crumbled.

                        1. Split them down the length and lay them cut side up in baking dish. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with parmesan. Bake till they are cooked. You'll probably find the outer layer has gone unpleasantly crispy - but they rest will be great.

                          Even quicker - slice them into thin rings (no more than 5mm thick - and thinner for the green part) and just saute in oil and butter. Great with chicken or a firm white fish like haddock.

                          1. I like JC's prep for Quiche- cut into rings and braise with bacon in water and white wine for 20 min. they come out creamy on their own!

                            1. Leeks roasted, portabellos roasted then in a baking dish 1 cup cream, 1 cup gruyere, top with Bacon precooked and diced and then topped with bread crumbs mixed with butter and then topped with parm. Great side dish.

                              Potato and leek soup is amazing

                              I use leeks in lots of soups and stews love it. I make a bean soup with ham, leeks, cabbage, onions, and potato. It is a great soup with lots of flavor.

                              Pan sauteed with garlic and butter and fresh spinach. Serve as a side dish.

                              (sorry if I repeated any ones post)

                              1. leek and goats cheese tarts.

                                A marriage made in heaven!

                                1. One of the best things to make with Leeks is Flamiche, the traditional tart of the Northern part of France near Belgium. It is a double crusted tart. It makes a great presentation and is excellent for those who do not eat cheese.

                                  Saute cleaned and chopped Leeks, green and white, not too finely chopped in butter.

                                  Add a grating of fresh Nutmeg
                                  6 egg yolks
                                  Salt & pepper
                                  300 ml of Creme fraiche

                                  To prepare the Leeks:
                                  Remove the outer skin and rough leaves at the top of the leek.Wash thoroughly;soak to remove all grit and dirt. Dry
                                  Cut the leek long ways twice, and then dice to approximately 1 cm squares, Melt the butter and gentle sauté the leeks until soft, but still retain their bright colour. Do not allow to brown.

                                  Combine the egg yolks, cream & nutmeg.

                                  Make a two crust piecrust recipe.

                                  Line Pieplate with bottom crust. Brush with egg white to seal..

                                  Fill with Leek mixture piled high and mounded.

                                  Cover with top crust. Pierce crust on top in a starburst pattern.

                                  Bake intil brown.

                                  Allow to cool somewhat before cutting.

                                  Bon Appetit! This is really simple, but the flavor of the Leeks is divine.

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                                    These were such great suggestions. So far, I've made the omelete and the gratin. I'm going to buy more leeks and attempt all of these dishes. Thank you!

                                  2. for you leek lovers:

                                    just had this dish at the hard shell restaurant in richmond, virginia:
                                    pan-seared halibut over fire-grilled asparagus, atop wild mushroom risotto dressed with creamy leek sauce. quite a delicious combination.

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                                      That I am gonna have to try, I grill my asparagus all the time and I don't have halibut ... I have grouper. Close enough. Love the risotto, but I love a good wild rice that I could add the mushrooms too from the market fresh criminis, but love the mix of some wild ones.
                                      I have made a leek sauce before to go with salmon with:

                                      1 large or 2 small leeks thin sliced and sauteed in butter; I added some white wine about 1/2 cup or a little less and 1/2 cup heavy cream and 1/4 cup broth. This depends on the size of the leek. I pureed it with my immersion blender before the cream and then garnished it with some s/p and fresh dill. I let the wine reduce just a bit before I added the cream and broth and it was a great sauce. I bet some capers would also be nice

                                      Not sure if this would be the same, but it is a pretty basic.

                                      OK that is a meal this week. Grouper fresh caught, well I had to freeze it but it is only a week old, and got some fresh asparagus and mushrooms in the fridge from the market this weekend, wild rice in the cabinet (it is uncle bens, but it will work). I'll pick up a leek and dinner will be made. I have tomorrow off so what a nice dinner to try.

                                      Thanks for the suggestion and glad you enjoyed your dinner.

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                                        the halibut reminds me a lot of grouper. the pan-sear was superbly done, with a light seasoned flour, no doubt. just gave it the tiniest, almost imperceptible crust. the asparagus was frankly the best i've ever eaten in my life! it had a little "smoky" thing goin' on. wowza! mr. alka agreed.

                                        i think shiitakes would be good in the risotto. i think that's what they used.....

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                                          I definitely gonna try it. I like risotto but since I have wild rice and criminis we will give it a whirl. Always can do the risotto and shitakis next time. Sounds like a very cool dish.

                                          I have used a cedar plank usually to cook salmon or grouper but I may try it to roast or bake my asparagus on. Might give it that type of flavor. I have the plank so why not try it.

                                    2. When I have a choice in the onion family, I take a leak. I usually fix them with potatoes and chorizo, using chicken stock for liquid. I got this recipe from Pass.